xbox controller with call of duty ghosts on laptop


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Hi not sure if right place to post but I have just bought an Asus g751 laptop, although I don't game I liked the idea if I ever wanted to I could. I have a wireless xbox controller with an attachable usb connector. when I plugged it in the driver was downloaded so windows 10 recognised it but It still wont work with the game, I have changed the settings in the game to allow it but it still doesn't work. I have read you need an adapter with a wireless controller but I have a cable that connects to the controller one end and a usb the other so shouldn't that just plug and play? many thanks if you can help.

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I seem to recall reading somewhere that the cable for the Xbone wireless controller is purely for charging, it doesn't carry data, if true you'd need a wired controller.


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I don't currently have my wireless receiver installed, so I tried my Xbox controller with the play and charge cable and the PC only recognises it as a play and Charge. You need to buy a Xbox 360 wireless receiver to use the controller. You should be able to buy one for < £5 from Ebay.

Cheapest one posted from UK seems to be at £4.55 you can get them cheaper from Chinese sellers if you don't mind waiting.