World of Warcraft


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Many years ago I played this for hours on end upto Cataclysm got bored of the grind and not having time or energy to raid packed it in. Yesterday after playing SWTOR which although I love star wars just doesn't grab me into its world I decided to do a 10 day free trial of Warcraft. Although it's the same they've simplified it and also made it so much easier to do dungeons, yesterday I got to level 21 with ease, it didn't seem a grind at all, in fact I reckon you could level just doing instances.
It was like slipping an old pair of slippers on the world just seems to ace something other MMOs don't, ive yet to get to the new stuff I.e the warlords of Draenor but I think I maybe be subscribing to this for next few months and probabky into winter and the long nights.
Anyone else play?