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Which Keyboard?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Swayndo, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Right I "need" a better keyboard for my PC gaming aspirations. I'd rather not spend £100+ on this but if I don't will I just be hankering over a Corsair K70?

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. I have a Corsair k90 that I bought refurbished from Scan and I really like it, I think they have been discontinued now.

    I am not sure that a mechanical keyboard is a necessity for gaming, as long as the keyboard has anti ghosting it should be ok. I didn't notice much of a difference between the K90 and my old Microsoft Sidewinder X4. The K90 does feel a lot nicer to type on especially if you are a touch typist, although it can be loud but I like that. I don't think that I could go back to a non mechanical keyboard now as they feel strange when I type on one.

    If you are set on a mechanical keyboard I don't know which one to get but there seems to be a good buyers guide on reddit, prices are in dollars but should give you an idea what is available. http://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/wiki/buying_guide
  3. I reckon the optimum one for me would be the K70, but baulk at paying nearly £100. I've reserved a K60 in Maplins which should work out around £65 with cashback. Guess I can live without LEDs.
  4. Ordered 2 from Maplins. I should have the K60 (cherry reds) tonight so will test it for a few days before the CM Storm Trigger (cherry blacks) arrives. Will keep the one I like best and take the other back to the local store.
  5. Subbed

    I need a new one too but LED's is a must cause I always play in the dark. Bought a G600 mouse already
  6. OD the Cooler Master one has LEDs and is only £45 after casback. The Corsair is lush, but those springs are light. I've almost convinced myself is going back already.
  7. LINKY?
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  8. I like the Cherry reds but they did take a few days to get used to being so light to touch. The Cooler master keyboard looks good for the price and has a few macro buttons on the side as well.
  9. Well that was fun. Did much better towards the end than when I started (Insurgency). Maybe the learning curve isn't so steep?
  10. You did ok using the keyboard and mouse, it is really all about getting used to the keybinds and mouse sensitivity.

    As for Insurgency hat was really good fun. It was the first time I had tried playing the game online and it was a bit of a shock to the system, but after 30 minutes or so the game became really enjoyable. It would make a brilliant co-op game if some more players from here joined in. I even found it funny being told off by the squad leader for using the "crappy shotgun".
  11. Sounds like MAG. We were always in trouble for something on there...
  12. And me being told "Swayndo ... move up" when I was fannying around in the menus.
  13. I might have a look into hosting a private server so we can have a muck about and learn the game without being moaned at. Then when we know what we are doing we can jump back online again.
  14. The Cooler Master keyboard is here now. Initial impressions are it's very sturdy and I like the LEDs, but I prefer the slightly more open spaced and textured keys of the Corsair. Might try swapping keys about.
  15. I agree with you on the Corsair case. Had my K65 w/ Reds for about 5 months and I'm very impressed. However, when the RGB K65 w/ Browns/Blues comes out over here, I may be persuaded to join the clacky revolution :p
  16. In practice there is little between the two keyboards. In the heart of battle the blacks don't feel stiff at all and the flat keys actually make it easier to reach neighbouring keys. I felt like I made less panic mistakes than on the lighter reds.

    The Corsair is lovely in aluminium but the CM is more solid and more stable with a full length wrist support. If these were the same price it would be a tough decision, but at £20 cheaper the Cooler Master wins this battle.
  17. Don't forget the CM has those all important LED keys. I would have probably gone for the CM over the Corsair if they feel almost the same and there is £20 difference, plus I don't think I would like the lack of a full wrist support.
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  18. I've been resisting the urges recently to purchase an Ergodox kit recently as well, but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out :p Seems like a fun little project to get into.
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  19. I use a G600 and Razer Nostromo very chilled I just use a cheap wireless keyboard for chat

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