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What film have you watched recently? - Part 2

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by T_Riddler_, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. fresh thread created as old thread reached 1000 posts.

    old thread can be found here:

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    did a twilight marathon yesterday good movies but dragged in places fight scenes where setup up well.
  2. Are you gay?
  3. you should know that answer ;) :kmc_blowupdoll: :rotfl:

    I watched them with ann and my daughter won't be something I will be leaping to watch again in a hurry unlike when i first watched lord of the rings.
  4. Gay gay gay gay gay!

    Watched 'The Thing' re-make/re-hash-prequel last night. Enjoyed it. Tried to stay semi-true to the Kurt Russell one and modernised it. No as good but an ok watch.
  5. Avengers Assemble - loved it.
  6. Downfall - 8/10

    Hitler biopic, brilliant, didnt paint him in a good light like I'd feared it may attempt too. Good insight into his final days

    Red Dawn (2012) - 5/10

    Ok, not great, some good scenes but on the whole orig was better, no real depth to characters except the 2 brothers, some of the people you didn't even notice unlike the orig. worth a watch though if your bored
  7. Gangster Squad - 8/10 - Quite enjoyed it, tho was recovering from an all day piss-up the day before so my mind may have not been fully engaged in the movie. But from what i remember, i enjoyed it.
  8. Silver lining play book 4/10

    It was ok but don't see what all fuss was about. I mean she won a Oscar
  9. Repo Men - 5/10

    Kind of good, but kind if shit. Entertaining enough but the ending sucked

    Argo - 9/10

    Really good film, thoroughly enjoyed it. Can see why its won so much, a lot of humour in the film as well (mostly provided by Goodman and Arkin) and some great acting. Affleck was superb as was Cranstons smaller part. Donovan snd McNairy were excellent too...the rest being more background characters really. 2 hour film and it went by so fast
  10. Killing them softly - 4/10 - big actors but shite movie. some good scenes but in general could have quite easily turned it off half way through.

  11. Did you not think its started really well and then just went shit after about 25 mins? and was Gandolfini's character and dialogue not totally and utterly pointless?
  12. Yep my thoughts exactly, he did nothing apart from shag a prostitute, which is ok I suppose :rotfl:
  13. Yeah there was the scene in the bar which was useful for dialogue IF the character went anywhere....then the rest of the time it was him drunk, high and in a room with a prostitute. The worst bit though was the 5 min monologue about his favourite ever prostitute

    I mean what the fuck was the point??

    The only entertaining thing about that film was the tramp like Australian guy!
  14. Die Hard 5 pile of shite, Bruce must need the cash.
  15. Had a double bill today

    Broken City quite a good thriller Mark Walhberg and Russell Crowe about corrupt NY politicians 6/10
    Hansel and Gretel absolute tosh, wait for the DVD or SKY to show it 4/10
  16. The new Total Recall. Obviously not a patch on the original as that is a classic, but still thought it was pretty decent. Good no brainer kind of film with some good effects etc. Plus it's got Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale in it. :thumbsup: Overall a respectable 6.5/10
  17. Priest - 4/10

    Meh. Ok I suppose for a brainless movie. Pretty sure the plots been done before though

    JFK (Directors Cut) - 10/10

    Love a good conspiracy and boy does this make you think! Not sure how much was 'real' evidence but a great movie. The scene with Donald Surtherland stood out, as did Garrisons (Costner) delivery to the jury. Defo one to watch if you've never seen it before
  18. Shutter Island, very good 8/10 I could see how it was going. 'But the truth is... it is one fuckin' ugly tie.' lol
  19. The Hobbit - 8/10

    thoroughly enjoyed it but I liked LOTR as well so unsurprising. Cant wait for the next instalment

    My 1 issue with it was James Nesbitt. I fucking hate James Nesbitt. Couldnt tell it was him facially but that fucking voice I'd recognise anywhere
  20. And he's a rag, even more reason to hate him.

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