Well, seems I've joined the ranks...

Built myself a PC in the week as needed an upgrade from a dying laptop that I've been using hooked up like a desktop for years. Gotta say, 60fps looks sweet :cool:

Steam/Origin/Battle.net/Glyph/League of Legends: Fallen124Angel
League of Legends, CSGO, trying to learn Starcraft 2, looking to pick up Diablo. Think I'll splash out during the Chrimbo sale as opposed to picking games up now. My guilty pleasure is The Binding of Isaac, restarting from new save on this machine and loving it as always (also preordered BOI:Rebirth).

Edit: Also hoping to get into some form of MMO at some point. Need to learn the mechanics from scratch though, and probably need a new mouse.


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Hi James seems like a age since snipers on nuketown.. Wicks is still a camping twat :rotfl:

Finally got round to a build mate shorter time than getting a new ps3 controller ;)

We have a small group of members like risk, odb etc playing games from steam, elite a title for you maybe.
Got Sniper Elite 3, along with Deus Ex:HR and Thief included with my GPU, and was actually the first game I played on this machine. 1080p, Ultra, 60fps; had me sold.