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Wayward Pines

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by Bartell, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Just wondered is anyone watching this? There's some awesome TV shows around but some have ended and this leaves a void to fill lol

    I just started watching and in all honesty it seems great. I'd highly recommend it
  2. Sounds cool. A bit Twin Peaks?

    I watch most of my TV through Netflix or Shush, and it's not on either. :(

    I might have to resort to CouchTunerTV ...
  3. Never seen twin peaks lol

    It's on fox now - sky on demand has it on if you have access
  4. Never seen Twin Peaks? Jeepers, man. You need to correct that.
  5. Haha maybe! I love movies etc and only recently saw shawshank much to most people's shock haha
  6. Twin Peaks was very marmite. Hell, pretty much anything Lynch touched qualifies for that :D
  7. Thanks for the remainder bartell, I've been wanted to watch this for months when I saw the trailer and forgotten it was airing. Gonna catch up on sky this week now.
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  8. Enjoy mate - it's been quality so far. Three episodes on demand and I think the fourth is on Thursday
  9. +1 with shawshank my girlfriend was shocked to find I hadn't seen it either :oops: watched it last week on netflix it was a decent film actually.
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