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VGFL Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Bartell, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. It's draft day

    Here's the latest mock draft:

    Bears: Roy Lloyd – QB – Texas
    All their eggs are in one basket by not fighting for Big Ben to become a Big Bear. The women of Chi-Town will be relieved, but this could signal the start of a new era.
    If you have the top choice, don’t rely on other teams to chose your QB!

    Browns: Nygel Wallace - OLB - Georgia
    The convert converts again - moving to DE to cause all sorts of problems for opposition QBs. The Browns win this draft already.

    Chargers: Kawai Tharpe – LT – Florida
    Glenn was signed to the blindside but he’s no long term answer. Adding Tharpe to develop behind him for a year at the RT spot could be exactly what this franchise needs.

    Chiefs: Blake Hernandez - 3-4DE - Florida State
    ALOT of holes to fill and KC finds pick 4 too early to pick a Tight End. Hernandez will give the defence more of an anchor for future seasons.

    Eagles: Patrick Polumbus – QB – Miami
    An ageing team. A stout defence and solid receivers but no QB!
    Polumbus is currently the 2nd ranked prospect but a range of QBs are in play. His West Coast arm will work as long as he adapts to the speed of the NFL.

    Jags: Simon Nimmo - QB - Miami
    Another QB going in the top 10, but is sorely needed in Jaxonville. He doesn’t have far to move having spent his college years in Miami.

    Rams: Anyone - Anything - Anywhere
    With Player/Coach @brunty struggling both on and off the pitch with his Fortnite addiction, the Rams are a complete mess. Any player will do, Oline is an option, but with no defensive ends, the Rams take Fuller.

    Patriots: Brice McCall - TE - Ole Miss
    It's best player available as always for the perennial Superbowl contenders. McGahee and McCall could be a scary 1-2 at TE. Gronk goes and the Pats get stronger.

    Packers: Tucker Nichols - DT - Clemson
    He looks a force of nature on the inside and could be the starting piece of a rebuild. Strong, stout and can stop the run. An ideal 4-3 nose tackle.

    Bills: Antwan Malone - WR - Tennessee
    Only two WRs are cuttently on the Bills roster so they may need to reach for a position of need. Malone becomes the big guy with sure hands to catch for Gerhart

    Texans: Raysean Kemp - T - Nebraska
    Maybe a bid short and heavy footed to protect the blindside, Texans take Kemp and move him to the right side and give Watson one more season to try and flourish.

    Broncos: Jarrett Wheeler - TE - Miami
    Denver lost out on some needs in an awkward draft spot. Could they trade up?
    They go BPA and take Wheeler who is an upgrade over their current stock at TE.

    Cardinals: Macon Cohen - TE - Louisville
    Another team potentially desperate to trade uout of this spot. Do they reach for a LT, hope one falls to them or settle on an upgrade at TE? Take an interior lineman and slide Johnson out to LT is also an option.

    Lions: Fenton Harper - HB - Miami
    Is this Coleman's swansong in Detroit. His ageing legs could mean the Lions look to a new RB to take pressure off Stafford at the tail end of his career.

    Saints: Garret Kranchick - QB - Pittsburgh
    Saints pass on other positions of need to take their QB of the future. Tanehill is only a stop gap. They need something more certain to build on and Kranchick has the arm strength to keep Michael Thomas happy.

    Buccs: Khamari Payne - DT - Michigan State
    An heir apparent to Gerald McCoy and the Buccs need to plan for his inevitable retirement. Payne takes to the podium and brings his aggressive playstyle to Raymond James.

    Colts: Will Bryan - CB - Oklahoma
    Teams kept passing on Bryan - possibly worried that his privelaged lifestyle as the son of an olympian may impact his work ethic. Can he prove doubters wrong in Indy?

    Cowboys: Raysean Bishop - CB - Nebraska
    Rumours are going around that the Dallas backroom might not be happy with Dak. This could be a QB, but their secondary also needs some work and the rangey Bishop takes the reigns.

    Dolphins: A.J. Vickerson - CB - Missouri
    The Dolphins defence needs help and fast. They embarrass teams on offence but are an embarrassment on defence. Vickerson is the next piece of cannon fodder to try and be the answer.

    Cardinals: Morgan Connolly - G - Nebraska
    The second Nebraska lineman comes off the board a year after propelling Cam Dumervill to stardom.In moving to Arizona he fills an inside Oline spot and slides Dorian Johnson out to LTD. avid Johnson just tweeted his support of this pick.

    Raiders: Willis Hamilton - DE - USC
    An unsexy pick but is what Oakland needs to sure up its interior defensive line and allow the Mack Attack to come back.vOakland backs the local boy from a pedigree system that they've kept a close eye on all year.

    Falcons: London Paige - G - Wisconsin
    Freeman for MVP again? Rumours are Atlanta will continue to go run heavy but need some youth on the Oline. Paige steps in at guard with a view at taking over from Mack at centre in the near future.

    Redskins: Craig Tanney - QB - Wisconsin
    Washington needs a QB. The second coming of RG3 is going to do nothing but break fans hearts and break his legs. Tanney gets his name called early from the green room and becomes the 5th QB selected in round 1. Christian Fragel looks like a

    Titans: Relus Wilson - G - Oklahoma
    Tennessee takes a guard to fill a hole on their otherwise solid Oline. Derrick Henry will enjoy running behind this aggressive and sizeable mauler who has the versatility to move to RT if required.

    Steelers: Walter Ball - Pass Rusher - Tennessee
    Pittsburgh looks like a well rounded team so gambles on a rangey pass rusher pressure the AFC North QBs. He will need a bit of work on his coverage skills if he moves from end to backer, but his hips look quick enough to cope.

    Bengals: Aaron Neblett - OLB - Wisconsin
    Cinci lost out in free agency on numerous players who didnt trust the way they handled the QBs they signed last year. They are desperate for improvements on defence and Neblett adds another solid foundation for that.

    Giants: Othniel Bowe - DE - Wisconsin
    What a difference on offseason can make! The Giants defensive front 4 looks alot less scary! They might struggle to stop the run this year so pick a pass rusher and hope that their impressive offence can keep opponents one dimensional.

    49ers: Joseph Swanson - HB - Alabama
    Potentially in a tricky spot if everything falls this way, SF takes a RB and moves on, but they may want to trade back if they can't get good value at this spot.

    Ravens: Lane Runyan - C - Wisconsin
    It must be time to move on from Flacco. No? Baltimore backs the man who has held them back for years and takes a versatile lineman.

    Panthers: Bennett Dogins - WR - Ole Miss
    Dogins comes in to learn behind Julio and potentially take snaps in the slot this season. Milburn is a freak and needs a complimentary receiver to help him on his way to a HOF career.

    Vikings: Teran Wilkins - WR - LSU
    After only 56 passing yards in an extremely defensive SB, Teddy needs some more weapons. In steps 6'6" freak Wilkins who has been hauling everything in for LSU.

    Patriots: Ace Tapeh - WR - Nebraska
    Dumervil gets his wish and reunites with his Nebraska teammate Tapeh who will fight it out for a spot at slot receiver. Solid hands and decent mobility make him an intriguing offensive weapon.
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