VGFL Madden 19 - Season 2 Playoff Review


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VGFL MADDEN 19 Playoffs #2

1. Washington Redskins 13-2-1

The Redskins have been a solid team this year and have lead the NFC all the way. They have secured the #1 seed and can have a nice break before they have to take the field again. The redskins were effective running the ball this year with their young RB Guice going over 1000 yards along side 17 touchdowns. Alex smith was getting the job done at QB with an effective 113.2 quarter-back rating. He had help from his two best receivers Crowder and Richardson who combined for over 1790 yards.

Their defence came up with 32 turnovers for the year which helped them with field position and was constantly put the offence in a good position to score. They are allowing on average 60 rushing yards a game, which is really forcing teams to pass due to how solid they up upfront which has lead to more interceptions. They rank 14th in pass yards allowed on the year.

Washington only lost two all year and them loses came against two teams and coaches who have had hall of fame careers and have won multiple superbowls, so it is not an easy task to out-do this Redskins team who are looking like the favourites to go all the way.

2. Houston Texans 13-2 (As of week 17)

The Texans have been a duel threat on offence all year with Deshaun Watson leading the way with an MVP Calibre season. He has 3415 yards and 30 TD’s on the year, playing with a 131.6 QB rating. Watson has been so efficient in the passing game with a 74% completion percentage, and one thing which has aided this dangerous air attack is their explosive running back Tevin Coleman. For the second season in a row Coleman has gone for over 1000 yards and is averaging 5.3 yards per rush.

They have had 2 receivers go for over 1000 yards this year. DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller combined for 2327 yards and have 58 catches each. Having superstars in these positions is a recipe for success, and both Watson and Coleman are still young so don’t expect this season to be the last time you see the Texans ranked this high. They have the number 1 scoring offence and the 6th scoring defence. This team is as an all round solid team who are favourites from the AFC and could be a tough challenge for whoever falls in their way.

3. Buffalo Bills 13-3

It has been a great year for Buffalo who are in a forever improving division. They took advantage of the Pats having a down year and took the division with 13 wins. Josh Allen may not have had a better year than his first, but he most certainly is showing he has settled into the role of an NFL quarter-back and is here to stay. He is playing at a 95.3 QB rating which is 5 higher than last season and has also thrown fewer interceptions. Allen has been comfortable all year and has took the bills to the 5th best scoring offence with 3000+ yards and 23 TD’s.

Another key to the bills success has came due to the new comer Derrick Henry. Henry put up 1020 yards in his first year as a bill and topped it off with 16 TD’s. He is currently averaging 6.3 yards per carry. The bills also had Shady McCoy get 500+ yards as a back up which made a ery efficient 1-2 punch. The Bills rank 3rd in rushing yards and come the playoffs will be looking to run the ball down the throats of the opponents to grind out the difficult wins in the post-season.

McCoy also had 500+ yards receiving out of the backfield which has made teams struggle to slow this Bills team down. They have an amazing Arsenal of talent on offence so look at them to be putting up big numbers in the offseason. Bills Defence only ranks 13th in scoring and are averaging 241.3 yards allowed per game which is 23rd in the VGFL. This could be their weakness that teams will need to exploit, so a Bills playoff game may result in a classic shootout. Definitely a team to keep an eye on.

4. San Francisco 49ers 12-3

This historic 49er defence has lead the team to its second division title in a row despite being in arguably the most challenging division. Reuben Foster has been the standout in a group full of talent with 10 interceptions, 3 sacks and a VGFL record breaking 8 forced fumbles, including one in the game V Seattle which ultimately won them their division. Jaquiski has got 7 picks for himself.

This defence rank 1st in scoring, 1st in average passing yards allowed and 1st in rushing yards allowed. The saying “defence wins championships” has been used a lot by their head coach Jordi and he seem to be motivating the young guys to play out of their skin. They have had Dante Folwer JR flying off the edge and disrupting QB’s all year with 21 sacks and 3 forced fumbles.

The offence on the other hand didn’t quite click as much as the defence, mainly due to multiple injuries, specifically in the backfield. Matt Breida and Jerick McKinnon both picked up injuries and missed a huge chunk of time. Their lead rusher is Joe Williams who has 415 yards on the year. Before injury Breida was averaging 6.8 yards per carry and was effective with moving the chains. Breida will be healthy for the first playoff game and it will be crucial for this offence if he stays healthy.

5. Chicago Bears 13-3

After winning the championship last year, the bears may be the most balanced team going into the playoffs, ranking 2nd in both offensive and defensive scoring. This is a well rounded team with a HOF coach leading them. He has his defence locked down to their scheme and has been shutting good teams down all year. They are giving up an average 65 rushing yards which is 6th in the VGFL and 197 passing yards which is 10th.

Trubisky is having a similar season to last in regards to passing stats and TD’s, but he has been a lot more efficient with the ball. He has cut his interception number by half and has drastically improved his QB rating to 113.9. Chicago also rank second in rushing yards per game with 119.3. Jordan Howard has had an excellent campaign with 1000+ yards but unfortunately picked up an injury which means he will miss the rest of the season. Tarik Cohen has 600 yards on 112 carries which is an average of 5.5 yards per carry which means the bears should not be in too much trouble due to the talent and depth of their roster.

Young superstar Roquan Smith has 11 turnovers and 12 sacks on the year and is well up there in the race for DPOTY. This defence is in the top 10 for each defensive category and is a tough team to play at home as they have only lost there 4 times in the last two years. With the Bears securing the 3rd Seed, expect them to make a deep playoff run.

6. Seattle Seahawks 11-5 (Best Coach by miles)

The Seahawks have had one of their best years under coach Read and Russell Wilson has finally put up the numbers expected of him. Wilson put up 4000 yards and a whopping 41 touchdowns on the year, which is by far his career best and is second to only big Ben on the year. He is a solid candidate for the MVP and has been the most efficient we have ever seen him. His QB Rating for the season sits at 120.3. He also threw fewer interceptions with 16. (8 of these happened in week 17-18).

Wilson have had two amazing targets in Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin, who both got over 1000 receiving yards on the season. This was a career year for Lockett who had 1237 yards at 12 TD’s. Baldwin also averaged 22 yards per catch and 15 touchdowns.

On the defensive side of the ball, they have had the best defender in all of football snagging passes from opposition all year. Bobby Wagner leads the league in interceptions with 16 and in addition to this 15 pass deflections. He also has 2 forced fumbles and is second in tackles with 80. He has been making game changing plays all year and can be the player to help Seattle get back to the super bowl. Frank Clark also continues to progress and develop by getting 14 sacks despite missing 4 weeks due to an injury. This is a very well balanced team with an aggressive head coach who doesn’t mind taking risks who has traded for some big names this year who have been difference makers on defence. This could be a dark horse of the playoffs and a good chance for Coach Read to get his first ring.

7. Los Angeles Rams 11-5

The Rams have been a defensive juggernaut this season being led by superstar Aaron Donald who once again leads the league in sacks with a whopping 24. He has had Marcus Peters behind him who has been lockdown all year. He has 6 interceptions on the season but isn’t often thrown to due to his ability to cover top receivers. This defence is seriously talented unit and is not to be overlooked on when it comes to facing them in the playoffs.

On the other side of the ball, Jared Goff has been as efficient as possible. He has 2800+ yards on the year along with 20 touchdown passes. He has been able put up good scores in most games, and with the defence being so dominant not many have matched them. Todd Gurley’s career continues to blossom as he recorded 800+ yards this year from the back field. Brandin Cooks also had a standout year on this team with 800 receiving yards of his own, while averaging 29.6 yards per catch. He is a deep ball threat that needs to be focused on when he lining up. This is a very talented roster on both sides of the ball and a head coach with great experience, so don’t be surprised to see the Rams have a good run at the Lombardi trophy.

8. Oakland Raiders 10-6

Oakland have been a solid team this year despite a very tough division which included a 10-6 Chiefs and a 9-7 Chargers. Despite the hard matchups, they have came out of the season with a playoff spot. This is mainly due to their defence who have been one of the best in the whole NFL. The acquisition of Vic Beasley has really lifted this defence with him getting 23 sacks this year. Khalil Mack had 20 of his own, so the Raiders have been a threat from both edges.

The offence has also been playing at a high level with Derrick Carr throwing just under 3800 yards and 19 touchdowns. His stats are down a slight amount from last years campaign but he is still putting up impressive numbers. Amari Cooper continued to prove that he is a top wide receiver in this league with another 1000 yard season. The breakout of second year running back Bo Scarbrough who had 800+ rushing yards and 13 touchdowns. He has been a massive part to this offence as Carr isn’t the only touchdown threat anymore. This team can be dangerous in the playoffs due to how deadly their pass rush is. The team rank top 10 in all defensive categories and come the offseason a good defence can go a long way.

9. Kansas City Chiefs 10-6

Kansas has had one of the most exciting offences in the league this year, with Patrick Mahomes lighting it up. He has put up 3750 yards with 28 touchdowns. He has proved to not be a one season wonder after his historic year last season and it continuing to be one of the top QB’s in today’s VGFL. He has had the lightning quick Tyreek Hill who leads the league in receiving yards this season with a whopping 1494 yards and 11 touchdowns. This is a guy who will need double teaming, and sometimes that doesn’t even stop him. With his speed and Mahomes arm strength; they are probably the deadliest QB-WR due in the league. And they also have another superstar at running back, Kareem Hunt. There were calls for him to be banned from the league due to a video being leaked online, but the commissioner has decided he should get another chance. He recorded over 1500 yards from the line of scrimmage and is talented in so many areas that he is nearly impossible to stop. This is one offence you would want to avoid playing in the offseason.

Their defence on the other hand has been shaky at times this year, ranking in the mid 20’s for pas and run defence and 19th in scoring. Eric Berry is the standout on this team with 5 picks and is generally good at locking down opponents from the safety position, but there are other holes in the defence which can be exploited by a good offence. They will need to ensure their pass rusher Chris Jones keeps up his good form from the regular season which saw him get 15 sacks and two forced fumbles. He has been the best from their defensive line this year and may be a big factor in them keeping the score down.

10. New York Jets 11-5

New York is definitely green this season with the Jets having an impressive 11-5 campaign. Their head Coach Vinnay has been ruffling feathers all year with other coaches with his banter. The Jets rank around 15th in most defensive and offensive stats this season, but are definitely not a team to sleep on. The young QB Darnold had a great year showing significant progression with a 3600 yard season. He has been handing the ball off to Crowell who has racked up 800+ yards of his own on the ground. That is not all he has done though as he did put up just under 300 yards in the air, so having a duel threat running back has benefitted Darnold and this Jets offence. Robby Anderson has stood out on this offence being the receiving yards leader for the team. He also leads in touchdowns, so he is one receiver you want to cover if you’re facing this team.

The drafting of rookie RG Friedman has really revitalised this offensive line which has many problems last year. He has helped turn this offence around. This team have gone from 4-11 to 11-5 in just one year, and he is definitely one reason for this turnaround.

On the defensive side of the ball, Kevin Pierre-Louis has been leading the way, getting himself 7 interceptions on the year. He has been locking down the middle of the field left and forcing teams to go for the outside routes. The pass rush for this team has been at a high standard with 12 different people getting sacks and 5 defenders with 5 or more sacks. This helps this defence a lot as it is difficult for QB.s. This allows them great rotation and can give multiple looks to confuse the opponent’s offence. This is a team you should keep an eye on as they could creep past a few rounds.

11. Baltimore Ravens 9-7

The Ravens have had a bumpy ride but have ended their season with a playoff spot. The young QB has been learning from week to week and has made some huge jumps in terms of knowledge and ability, and is looking like a QB who can rake the league by storm. He had over 3500 yards combined on the year and threw 25 touchdowns.

In the backfield Baltimore had a great duo who combined for just under 1400 rushing yards and 9 touchdowns. The Ravens traded for Devonta Freeman which really benefited their offence as a unit. They also had rookie Rakkim Dickson show some great signs that he could be one of the steals of the drat, being picked in round 3. He has made the jump-up to NFL level with no transition period and has looked like a star from his first carry. This is a very spread out offence who has good depth in a lot of positions. The team had some Bluetooth issues with the team equipment this year which has proved to cause some difficulties for the coach and QB, but after these were resolved there was a major improvement in performance.

On the defence, they have been blessed with the superstar rookie Dion Ferguson proving he was worth the high pick. He has been locking down zones all season and also snagged for interceptions on the year. He is showing signs of being a Kam Chancellor type of player with his tackling skills and coverage skills. This is a defence that is pretty solid in most positions, but Ferguson has been the one who stands out this year. This is a young team who may not be favourites at this time, but expect them to be a dominant force in years to come.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-8

Coach Kallux and his Tampa team have had one of their best seasons together, and this team has really excelled this year. They ended up topping their division and earning a well deserved play-off spot. Winston had himself a good year with 3800 yards and 24 touchdowns. He had target man Mike Evans to rely on, who caught 56 passes on the year, getting 1064 yards and 10 touchdowns. Evans is a player to focus on when he is lining up as he can beat you with his Swiss army knife of abilities.

Running back Ronald Jones had his best year for Tampa with 899 yards and 10 touchdowns. It has been key for the Buccs to take some of the workload from Jameis, who usually has a lot to do for this team. This has resulted in a decrease in interceptions from last year. Sometimes Winston can still be a bit wreck-less when throwing and will need to look after the ball in the playoffs.

This defence is what has stood out the most to me this year. They have had multiple players making game-changing plays and forcing turnovers.14 different players have combined for a total of 39 turnovers, and this has helped but the offence in great positions to score and close games out. Khiry Saunders leads the team with 7 interceptions and is one player quarterbacks will be looking to avoid.

This team has progressed every year under their Head Coach, who drives home the point of hard-work, and this is seen by the forever improving performances from this squad. They have worked hard all year to earn a play-off spot and were finally rewarded. Don’t expect this to be their last season in the play-offs, as next year they will be even better!

Good Luck to all in the Playoffs! Let me know what you though of the article! :) #GoHawks
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