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VGFL 2019 Playoff Review!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Readie_8, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. VGFL 2019 Playoff Review

    1. New York Giants

      Super bowl Hangover? I think not. For the third year in a row, the New York Giants have proved that they are not to be messed with. This year they have gone through the whole campaign not knowing what losing feels like, with a 16-0 record. David Webb has also silenced the people who though he would regress in his third year. He is showing that the NFL is where he belongs, and is showing that his knowledge for the game is growing each year. This has been his highest Quarter back rating since coming into the year and put up a third 3000+ yard season with 30 touchdowns. That’s just the first reason on a long list of why this giants team is still shining.

      They didn’t have just one 1000 yard running back, they had two! Both Tarik Cohen and Walker George racked up over 1000 yards. Most Touchdowns came from the arm of David Webb, but Cohen and Walker contributed with a combined 16 touchdowns.

      The Giants young tight end put up fantastic numbers which included 800+ receiving yards and 6 touchdowns. He shared the majority of receptions with Odell Beckham Jr who also had over 800 yards receiving. It is clear to see the receiver talent has helped Webb come into the league will all guns blazing, but same goes the other way. Webb is putting these players in situation for them to make big plays and rack up great numbers. Their talent has been bouncing off each other all year and has been exciting to watch.

      New York’s defence has again been stopping oppositions all year, forcing a significant amount of turnovers, and always keeping teams to low scores. They have snatched passes all year from Quarterbacks, which Landon Collins getting 6, Howard Sharp had 6 and Andrew Adams had 5. The defence has been putting the offence in great places all year, and again have been controlling each games and leading the giants to dominance.

      After such a dominant year, it’s almost a given that we will yet again see this Giants team in another Superbowl. Will this be the year they win the big game and take home the grand prize?

    2. New England Patriots

      New England have been an offensive powerhouse and have proved that they are still a special team with no Belichick and Brady. Vorheese Carson has been running through teams all year and has been head to head with Dixon Wise for the MVP race. He has put up 1927 yards and 19 touchdowns. He is averaging 7.8 yards per carry. If the run game wasn’t working, New England had rookie Allen Cohen making plays. In his rookie year, he has put up 3200+ yards, an enormous 31 touchdowns and has been playing at a Quarterback rating of 101.2. He has been playing like an experienced vet and has settled into the league in one season.

      Cohen has had the speedy Brandin Cook to throw to all year, and he has collected 1252 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns, leading the teams in receptions and is third in receiving yards. He has been a key piece to their offensive success.

      On the other side of the ball, they have had Devin McCourty making a strong DPOTY case by racking up 9 interceptions and 37 tackles, while being lockdown all year. Patriots are fourth in points allowed and seventh in yards allowed, and they have McCourty to thank for that. This is a defence which looks like it should hold its own come the playoffs, so watch the Patriots for another superbowl run. Also expect to see head coach Dafydd Evans wearing his special playoff crocs.

    3. Kansas City Chiefs
    The Chiefs have made a lot of noise coming into the playoffs, and have been extremely successful this year, only losing 3 games. Their success stems from their defence playing at a high standard all year, ranking third in points allowed, third in yards allowed and 1st in passing yards allowed. They rank seventeenth in rushing yards allowed, so that may be something they need to work on going into the playoffs. Other than that, this team looks like a serious contender this year.

    Henry Welch has stood out in his sophomore year, raking up 9 interceptions (including one pick six), which is five more than last season. To add to that, he also has four sacks, one forced fumble. He has been flying around the field all year and is looking like a star for the future. It will be good for him to get some playoff experience under his belt to really take his game to the next level. Eric Berry has also been as good as ever with 6 interceptions, including two pick-sixes. This is a defence who like to get their own points, which may be a huge factor for them this year in the post-season. Marcus Peters has been his typical self, and hasn’t given much up all year. Expect this hungry defence to go into the playoffs hungry for blood.

    Patrick Mahomes has also had a fantastic season, finishing with 3791 yards and 25 touchdowns. The numbers are down my a minor amount from last year, but the stat that stands out is that this year Mahomes has 14 interceptions, which is 12 less than last year, and his Quarterback rating is 108.3 compared to last years 86.1. This is a sure sign that Mahomes has matured as a player and has improved decision making when throwing the ball. Be sure to keep an eye on this team, as they may be the team to beat.

    1. Pittsburgh Steelers

      The Steelers are going into the playoffs as the fourth seed as big Ben continues to perform at an effective level despite being 37. He has improved a lot from last year and had 3206 yards and 23 touchdowns. Bell has also been his amazing self with his 1181 rushing yards. For the first time in years Antonio Brown isn’t the standout receiver on this talented roster. The teams receiving yards leader is Eli Rodgers, who has 817 yard. He has been big bens favourite person to throw to this year so expect this deadly duo to make some good plays this post season.

      Ryan Shazier has contributed the most to this teams success. He has a whopping 12 interceptions this season and has been a ball hawk all year. His lighting quick speed allows him to bate out passes and snag them unlike anyone else this year. He will be feared by which ever quarterback he comes up against this year. One thing this season which has gone the Steelers way this year is that they have seemed to stay healthy for the most part, and are going into the playoffs with zero injuries.

      One thing the Steelers will need to clean up on before they take the field for wildcard weekend is their offensive line. Big Ben has been sacked 49 times this year alone, which is something they need to heavily avoid in the playoffs if they want any chance of a significant run.

    2. Cincinnati Bengals

      The Cincinnati have the most stacked backfield in the whole NFL this year, including two star backs in Bernard and Hill. But the player to stand out is the rookie out of UAB, Dixon Wise who has been historically good. This is by far the best rookie season we have ever seen from a running back, and with his talent he has even topped it off with an MVP award. He is the first rookie to take the award.

      Dixon Wise has put up historic numbers, and he is only 21! He has broken the single season rushing record, with 2274 yards. He even has 31 Touchdowns to go with all the yards he has. He is currently averaging 7.1 yards per carry, and is looking to set the playoffs on fire. If he can continue to perform at the highest standard, he may even lead his team to a championship.

      Andy Dalton has had less responsibility with only 218 attempts this year, but still has a respectable 2448 yards and 17 touchdowns. He has 11 interceptions which is a minor problem, but he is an experienced quarterback and should know what passes to throw in the playoffs. The Bengals defence hasn’t been the worst in the league, but may need to get a few more stops if they want a deep playoff run.

    3. Seattle Seahawks

    The Seattle Seahawks have had an outstanding season and are going back to their old ways. They have the youngest coach in the league and have a fresh, creative offence. They sit at 13-3, with two of them losses coming from the hands of Alex smith, After Russell Wilson went down in Week four with a Collar bone injury. He recovered at a super rate and was only out for seven games. He returned and barely put a foot wrong. He is playing at a 117.8 Quarterback rating with 24 touchdowns. Something which has assisted the pass game is the amazing ground game, which is making teams have to line up to defend the run a lot, otherwise they will be punished. Thomas Rawls is the third highest rusher this year with 1718, only being beaten by two MVP candidates. He also has punched in 17 touchdowns. Rawls have been healthy this year, which wasn’t expected due to his previous years.

    The offence has been through some injuries this year, including losing Doug Baldwin for the playoffs and Luke Wilson being injured for the last four weeks. Doug Baldwin can return if the Seahawks make the superbowl. The Seattle Defence are finally back on track to being the most dominant defence in the league after the new coach decided to heavily invest in reviving the LOB. They rank top 10 in each defensive category and have been on great form entering the playoffs. Kam Chancellor is having arguably his best season as a pro, at the age of 31. He has 7 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles. Bobby Wagner has also strengthened the argument that he is the best MLB in the league with 41 tackles, one forced fumble and 7 interceptions. Sherman and Earl have two interceptions of their own.

    The acquisition of A.J Bouye has been a real star since joining the hawks. He hasn’t let many passes up at all and has got 5 interceptions and 14 pass defends in his short time with Seattle. He ended the season on a high with two interceptions and a fumble recovery V the Browns. This will be a tough offseason defence, and with home advantage, don’t expect them to let up many points.

    The Seahawks D-Line have been playing like monsters all year. The second year McDowell has 17 sacks and Frank Clark has 15. After starting the season with a weak run game, the Seahawks went out and got Sheldon Richardson to play DT, and he has been fantastic shutting the run game down and has really been a big factor for this defence. Also, rookie Marquise Johnson JR has shown signs of real progress with 13 tackles and 4 sacks. He and Richardson have been a great duo on that D-Line.

    A fun Fact going into the playoffs is that the Seahawks have beat all the teams in the playoffs except the giants, who they are yet to come up against. One negative going into the Playoffs is the loss of Superstar Safety Earl Thomas. He got injured two games from the end of the season. He would be able to play in the superbowl if the hawks can make it that far,

    1. Minnesota Vikings

      The Vikings have had a very good balanced attack, mixed with a strong defence who have shut down teams all year. Teddy Bridgewater is having one hell of a year with 2400+ yards and 24 touchdowns. He has been a key asset for this team and may be the player to lead them deep into the playoffs.

      Dalvin Cook also had a good year, being 30 yards shy of 1000. The Vikings had a good 1-2 punch with Zenner who had 9 touchdowns as a back-up. The run game will be key for the Vikings in the playoffs, and with these talented pair it wouldn’t be a surprise seeing the Vikings running over teams.

      One player to keep your eyes on is Eric Kendricks, who has had a special year, with 10 interceptions. He has been luring in quarterbacks and snagging passes all year and isn’t stopping anytime soon, so turnovers may be a regular occurrence with Kendricks on the field.

    2. Oakland Raiders

      This years’ Raiders offence has been one of the best in recent times. Derrick Carr has 4000+ yards and Lynch has 1448 yards. Carr had a smashing 40 touchdowns and has been the catalyst to a nearly unstoppable offence. The raiders will need this offence to carry their form into the playoffs. The side of the ball they struggle on most is defence.

      They have forced a lot of turnovers this year, which has won them multiple games, but they do not rank well in pass defending and run defending stats. They will need to tighten up their defence to get a true superbowl run, and hope their offence can bail them and take them all the way.

      Amari Cooper will also be a big factor in the playoffs. Cooper leads the team in yards and touchdowns, and is averaging 25.5 yards per reception. Cooper can be huge for this team in the playoffs with his big play ability.

      Khalil Mack only has 8 sacks this year, which is pretty low for a standard for a player of such calibre. He will need to get to his old ways in the playoffs and get to the quarterback a bit more than he has done so far. Karl Joseph has had a big year with 5 interceptions, so he could be a huge influence to how this defence plays.

    3. New Orleans Saints

      Cameron Jordon has been the standout player for the saints this year with 23 sacks. He will need to be at the best for the saints to go far this year. Also, Kamara has been balling this year, with 1200+ yards and 15 touchdowns. He will also have to play great as Tom Savage may not be a good enough player to win a Lombardi trophy. Expect the saints to run the rock as much as possible.

      Young cornerback Lattimore has been making a lot of plays this year and has 7 picks. He has been locking down a lot of big name receivers and hasn’t been beat much at all. He is sure to be making big plays on the big stage, so quarterbacks, don’t go testing Lattimore too much, otherwise he’ll make you pay.

      Tom Savage has put up some good numbers, but that was helped massively with their two 900+ yard receivers in Michael Thomas and Willie Snead. They have been great all year and share over 100 receptions. Tom Savage will need to ensure he can keep his head and help this offence run efficiently for the saints to be successful.

    4. Detroit Lions

      This years lions have been balanced on both side of the ball, although not ranking too high on stats. Stafford has had a decent year, with just under 3000 yards. He has been handing the ball off too Tevin Colman who has just over 900 yards. This team has been moving the ball quite well this year and need to keep this rolling into the playoffs.

      Their defence has had multiple play-makers. They have 5 players with 3+ interceptions, which will be a huge positive for them. If they can keep forcing turnovers all around the field, they are likely to win a game or two in this years’ playoffs. One huge negative is that Matt Stafford has been injured since week 14, and can only play again this year if they make the superbowl. They will need to find a new way to get the ball up the field now he is out, which may be a struggle.

    5. Indianapolis Colts

      Andrew Luck has been fantastic this year, and may be the Colts only hope this year. They have had a good year offensively, ranking very high statistically. He has 3600+ yards and 32 Touchdowns. Old Man Adrian Peterson has 850 yards of his own, and has good playoff experience, so he may be huge for them.

      On the other side of the ball, they have not been too good. They have not forced many turnovers at all and do not rank that high in the charts. They will need some motivation and will need to play at a better level if they wish to make it far. This isn’t a defence which look like they have the power to stop good offensive teams like the giants or Seahawks, but you never know, the coach may be able to pump up his players so they make more plays and make it a truly special run.

    6. Los Angeles Rams

      The Rams have been a very good football team this year, With Jamie Brunt and Todd Gurley leading the way. Brunt has 3000 yards and Gurley has 1650 yards from the line of scrimmage. They have both been great at moving the offence and putting high numbers on the board. Receiver Everett has had an amazing year, being only 6 yards of a 1000 yard season. Expect him to be getting the ball a lot in this post season as he had 58 receptions this year, which lead the team.

      The Rams defence has been better than some, but are not quite at the level as some. Aaron Donald has been causing havoc on the Dline all year and is great for stuffing the run and getting to the Quarterback. He will need to continue his dominance for the rams if he wants a Lombardi. The Rams secondary have been relatively good for a lot of this year, forcing turnovers and getting stops. They may need to force a few more turnovers for a good chance, but are certainly not a team to sleep on. They are going into the playoffs healthy, which is a big factor and will be very useful for them knowing they have the best possible team out there.

      The Rams started really well, but have struggled in recent weeks. They have lost their last 5 out of 6 games, and the game they won was a one point win against a 4-12 team. They will need to get the ball rolling again and pick up their mid-season form when they come up against the saints in the wildcard weekend.

    Thank you for reading guys! hope you enjoyed! let me know what I can improve. Thanks everyone! #gohawks
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