VGF Battlefield Night


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One night where we creating a match off between two teams on conquest.

Who would be interested in doing this? If we could get 20-30 it could make an interesting evening?


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Would probably be interested, unfortunately there is no way to password protect custom servers or kick people so you would end up with half the server being randoms.

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I'd definetly be up for this, always more fun going up against people you know. Shame the parties on PS4 are limited to 8.


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If this goes ahead then the best bet would be to play Rush. Rush has only 24 players, so if we had enough people interested then we could almost fill an Empty rush server. It would take some organisation to join at the same time but it shouldn't be that hard. The only other game modes with small player counts are Deathmatch, Domination and War pigeons, none of them offer a proper Battlefield experience.