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VFGL Play-Offs outcome Blog!

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by Readie_8, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. With the end of the regular season approching, things are really hottening up in the race for the playoffs. This includes a 3 team battle in the AFC South where games will decide who gets the 4th and 6th seed. The NFC race includes Seahawks, Redskins and Eagles fighting for the 6th seed. Today we will go through each team and talk about how they can make the play-offs, and will start with the AFC


    The first, second and third Seed are all secured in the AFC with the Patriots again coming out on top and dominating the Conference with a 14-1 record. The Browns have also put together a strong 12-3 season. They will look to beat last seasons record of 12-4, and will also look to get past the Patriots which they couldn’t do in the last years play-offs. The Chiefs have a 10-5 record and may even rest players as they know they are safely in the third Seed.

    The 4th Seed is where things start to get exciting. The Texans currenly own the 4th seed place with an 8-7 record and are first in the AFC South, but they have the Colts and Titans right on their tail who have the same records, but a worse divisional record. The Bengals have secured the 5th seed with 10 wins and are a wild card due to the Browns incredible season. So, lets get down to the nitty gritty of the teams and how they can reach the play-offs.


    The Texans would simply need to win to get in as the 4th seed. As they play the Titans this week, who are divisional rivals, it will be a high intense game as the winner of that may be the champion of the AFC South. The Texans would make the play-offs in the 6th seed if they lose, but they would need the Colts and Broncos both to lose their games. Expect a classic game agaisnt the Titans this week with seasons on the line.


    The Titans have a chance to take the 4th Seed and snatch the AFC South Title. They will need to defeat the Texans and hope for a Colt loss to get the 4th seed. They can also get into the play-offs if they beat the Texans, the Colts win and the Broncos lose, but they will go in as the 6th Seed. This will be the most important game in the AFC this week and is definitaly one to watch.


    The Broncos have a slimmer chance to get into the play-offs this year. They currently stand at 8-7 and are just outside the play-offs. The Broncos would need to win their game and hope that the Colts lose their game against the 5-10 Jags. There is a slight chance they can get in with winning and the Colts winning, but it would go down to multiple tie-breakers as they are similar in each standing categories. The Broncos only have a chance at the 6th seed and will be fighting to the death for a late push.


    The Colts can get into the 4th seed if they win and the unlikely happens, which is the Texans and Titans Tie, but this is the slimmest chance possible. The Colts would make the 4th seed if they win, the Titans win and the Broncos win. The Colts can also make the 6th seed with two differnet outcomes. They will be garenteed the 6th seed if they win, texans win and Broncos lose. They can also get in with a win, a Texans win and a Broncos win, but this would go down to multiple tie breakers and wouldn’t be garenteed.


    The only secured seed in the NFC is seed one, with the Giants flying ahead with a 14-1 record. Seeds 2, 3 and 4 are Garunteed to be either Falcons, packers, Cardinals and rams, so there will be games with high importance all over the board this week.

    Seeds 2-5

    The Falcons would secure the second seed with a win, but can lose and still reach second seed. If the Falcons lose, they will need the Greenbay Packers to lose to garentee a 2nd place spot. If the Falcons lose and Packers win, it will go to a tie breaker and there is a chace the Falcons could move down to three. The Cardinals currently sit at 4th Seed, and can overtake Green Bay if they win and the Packers lose. If the Packers win, Falcons win and Cardidnals win, the listings would have Falcons at 2nd seed, Packers at 3rd and Cardinals at 4th, which is where the teams sit now. The Rams can secure a 5th seed place with a win, but can also reach the 5th if they lose and the Eagles win as it will go down to a tie breaker.


    Philadelphia have a small chance at the 5th Seed in the NFC with the Rams one game ahead of them. They will need the Rams to lose, win their game and then hope the tie-breakers go their way and they surpass the Rams.The Eagles have the simple path to the 6th seed in the NFC, and that is WIN. They will not need to rely on other results if they win this game, as the Redskins and the Seahawks would not be able to match their record. The Eagles can lose their match if the Seahawks and Redskins both lose. The Eagles face the 12-3 Falcons who currently sit in the 2nd Seed.


    This is where the road to the play-offs get tough. The Redskins will need to win their game and then rely on the Falcons to beat the Eagles and the Chiefs to beat the Seahakws. The Redskins can still secure the 6th seed with an Eagles loss, Seahawks win and a win of their own, but this will mean it will go down to a tie breaker against the Seahawks, which will not garentee them a place.


    The Seahawks have had a late playoff push with a 5 win streak and are looking to steal the 6th seed. The Seahawks will have to play the Chiefs who have nothing to play for this weel, which could be an advantage to Seattle. The Seahawks will need to win, have the Eagles lose and also have the Redskins lose. They can also make the Playoffs if they win, Eagles lose and Redskins win, but it would be decided by multiple tie breakers as the team have not faced each other head to head this year.

    I hope you enjoyed my first Blog type of post and thank you for reading! Good luck to everyone who makes the play-offs and enjoy the ride! #goHawks ;)
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