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upgrade to windows 10?

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by Lordofgames, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. its free atm, worth it?

    or i gonna get compatibility issues with older games i playetc

    and will it wipe my hard drive clean when i upgrade? i would need to reinstall all my sotware and games like steam and origin etc
  2. It's a windows upgrade. It keeps all user files. I backed mine up and did a fresh install tho just for peace of mind.

    There's a system check. It tells you if.your system can handle it. I'd recommend running that
  3. it cab nhandle it worth getiong though?
  4. also if i install it then want to reinstall windows after july when free offer expires will it allow me to or i wont be able to install again after june?
  5. Well it has a spell checker built in do I think it's worth getting for you
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  6. Windows 10 is still windows. I assume you mean reinstall windows 7? You do get the option to go back to 7 (or 8.1 depending on what you had previous) if you got back on old and the free offer expires I guess if you went to do it again you'd get charged.
  7. What i mean is sometimes i like to tidy my pc and just do a clean install of windows.

    Atm i have free offer to upgrade to win 10 but its online not a dvd i assume?

    So what im saying is, say i decide in August or after to clean my pc and reinstall windows i will only have my win 7 dvd. So i wont be able to change into win10 again?
  8. Not sure why you'd need to completely wipe your hard drive that much. Must be some disgusting pr0n on then to go to those lengths.

    Just upgrade and be done with it. Win7 drops out of any sort of support soon and Win10 is miles better (imho) than Win8 ever was.
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  9. lol i just sometimes end up with so many pop up ads, extra silly software downloaded and drivers stop working right.

    I feel good to reinstall all windows again but u think that just clearing bits out one by one as effective?

    I think ill go for win 10 then, sure my games will still work after i upgrade? or ill need reinstall?
  10. Apart from some compatibility issues yeah they'll work
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  11. If you download the win 10 media creation tool https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10ISO you can burn an ISO to dvd for future use. Re run the too again and then you can then just upgrade your current OS be it win7 or win8. Once you have upgraded, your Windows key you had on previous Windows will be the new win10 key.
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