UMvC3 Online, anyone?


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This is kinda off topic, I know, but I wanted to ask here if there's any european PS3 UMvC3 player that wants to play a bit online.
I bought this game when it came out but work kept me for playing until this week. I finally picked it up and I suck a lot so I'm trying to improve and I was wondering if anyone here is playing it too.

Playing online is pretty hard, there doesn't seem to be many people from EU playing so I can't find many matches.


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I've got it (I think there's a few people about here that have) but I'm rubbish at it. :rotfl:

I'm sure those of us that have it might be happy to sort out some games with you mate. :thumbsup:


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I ave it, played it a couple of times - spamming some buttons - but thats it.

Wouldn't mind dusting it off, as long as you're not a pro or something ;)