TV vs monitor


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Alright lads.

Back on the platform ready to board the cod train again lol and looking to move the ps4 into a spare room. The wife doesn't like it on at night and at the minute I am working 7 days a week almost.

Anyways I can't make up my mind on which route to go down. Was thinking a 32inch TV or a 27/28 monitor. Both are sub 200 quid. Not willing to spend anymore than that on something I will use for ps4 and my Apple TV.

Anyways here's a link to the two devices let me know if worth a buying or not.

TV Uploads/051B715D-ABD1-48DC-B242-624D85DAF9D9.jpg.html which I can get this week for 140quid


Cheers for any advise. I know the TV is only 50hz which is not great from what I read online. But I'm definitely no expert


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Henborg. What is going on? Been a long time!

I would go for the 32 inch. I haven't looked at the specs but make sure they are full hd and can run 60fps.

U sure you won't wait until Black Friday or cyber Monday and get a bigger screen probably cheaper?


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Yeah, what he said about the 60fps and full HD. Also make sure if you buy a TV to turn overscan off or check if its off, otherwise you'll lose the edges