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TV & Movie Release Thread

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by ODB, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. A thread to discuss the latest releases on the Internet of Films and TV programmes as a heads up to other members

  2. HD Rips out now:


    - LOOPER

  3. Paranorman HD

    End of Watch DVD (ta Prison!)

    Seeking a friend for the end of the world HD

    Nitro Circus The Movie HD
  4. DVD Screeners of The Hobbit are now all over the interweb....happy downloading!!

    Skyfall DVD Screener was also leaked a couple of days ago too.
  5. Really!? Excellent!

    Wasn't keen on watching a cam.
  6. Legend! Nice one bud
  7. Someone PM me a linkā€¦..pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeee!!
  8. Extratorrent should have it Wazza
  9. Watched the Skyfall screener yesterday, brilliant rip and brilliant film.
  10. The Hobbit is good quality, will report back after viewing entire film.
  11. Zero Dark Thirty - screener

    The Sweeney

    Top Cat

  12. Django Unchained DVD screener
  13. Seven Psychopaths Screener
  14. Argo screener
    Les Miserables screener
    Silver linings playbook screener

    Seven Psychopaths HD
    Hotel Transylvania HD
  15. I keep forgetting to post in this thread... grabbed the above last week. I will probably watch Zero dark Thirty one night this week, in fact got loads to watch..
  16. Life of Pi DVD screener
  17. Wreck-It Ralph screener
    Gangster Squad R6 (Jap subtitles)
  18. Rise of the Guardians HD

    The Hobbit HD
  19. Seen both of these very good, guardians is a bit like the Avengers in a way.

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