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TV a thing of the past?

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by Lordofgames, May 2, 2016.

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  1. Though i gamed a lot when younger, ps2 era etc, I watched loadsa tv and movies much more time than on video games.

    Id watch bravo, nikolodean, sky one, movies, sports, mtv etc..the lot, discovery.

    I think in last 2 years i watch an average of 1 programme and 1 game of footy per month and maybe 2 movies. Dont even have sky package no more.

    With mates always online etc, thats taking over my free time, socialising/gaming online and some single player.

    What about you guys?
  2. Yes I think we were all there when we were young (though we only had 4 channels of TV, a commodore/spectrum and a lot of fresh air) however I've always enjoyed chilling to a movie or decent TV series but you get to a certain age where getting up in them guts is far more interesting so the rest of it gets sacked off.

    My advice to you is enjoy it while you can as soon you'll lose all this free time as you:

    1 - Get a job
    2 - Get a bird
    3 - Get Kids
    4 - Get old
    5 - Die
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  3. lol what u mean getting up in them guts?

    youd rather be online/gaming etc than chill tv also?

    Its just the way life has become for me, it works better as mates and my cousin etc we can all chat and game whilst being in our own houses, it just happens everyday so bumming in front of fresh prince and watching countdown etc are now a thing of the past...

    Also being online and gaming much more interactive and a rush, its hard to sit and watch tv when u know u can go play/chat with mates online or even just play some SP....

    Cant believe i used to sit and watch sky tv all day and night..maybe do some master league at some point, then when got my pc thats when it kicked off, playing bf all night with mates, and when ps4 came out the party chat really kicked off..
  4. Watch Game of Thrones
  5. its like lord of rings ye? how many series been or i should start now?
  6. 5 so far, 6 just started.
  7. thats a lot of watching lol...
  8. Exactly the same. Apart from the fact that there are no hobbits, elves, giant owls or rings of power in GOT, and instead it has incest, dragons and titties.
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  9. so its x-rated version :)

    Like withcer 3 also ;)
  10. Yes.

    In the same way that Star Trek is like Star Wars.
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  11. they both in space? he he.

    ALso heard breaking bad is good...
  12. Yes... but both in different galaxies and far, far, away...
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  13. Don't start twat!

    And ST isn't far away either, its based in multiple galaxies including our one. And it's shit.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. New star trek movie was good tbf but im more a star wars guy.

    I guess mass effect is to these movies as Witcher is to game of thrones lol
  16. watched first eve GoT episode a bit boring tbh maybe ill try breaking bad or walking dead? or it gets better?
  17. It's one of the most popular programmes on TV and your asking if it gets better? Course it does ffs. Can't say I've watched a series yet that's got an amazing first episode
  18. ok maybe ill give it more time then but i was let down after all the hype
  19. You where let down after watching only one episode? Wow I'm shocked, no, no I'm not, I'm not surprised given the little time you give games and movies in your other threads.

    It's a TV show that needs at least a season to get to know the story, families and characters involved you can't judge it after only one episode you haven't built to anything yet.

    Maybe the disappointment is not having a similar story of two hobbits taking the one ring to the fires of Mount doom, if so then give the lotr a further watch and get your fix.

    For the scale of what game of thrones has to offer you could never make or break liking it with an episode but then with any tv show I suppose you couldn't, unless your the president of hbo and giving them an opening number of seasons by viewers based on said episode.

    FYI if your thinking of watching the walking dead spoiler alert, opening episode has zombies in it and that might not be your thing if you don't know the hype.
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  20. I hope that Walkman never breaks
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