Trying to find a tv show form the 90s


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It was about old women and set in america, i thought it was called golden years or soemthing but its not. It was like frasier and cheers etc, same kind off thing/production/set/comedy etc.....but centred on 3 or 4 really old women


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That's a whole new level of fucked up.

4a.m. and Golden Girls.

Can't get much lower really :ill:


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na i was talking to a mate whilst playing fifa that late about how we used to watch vrap tv all night long before there was online gaming etc...and i recalled a show about old women i always watched but couldnt remember the name haha


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fucking hate that woman you know, that fucking programme where she personally knew every murderer pissed me right off and I never even watched it
A show I can't stand myself, used to visit my aunt with my mum, was always on the afternoon we visited proper crap tv.