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Those sky box things?

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by Lordofgames, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. What they called again, are they worth getting?

    U buy on ebay for 50 quid and get like 1-2 years full subscription?

    BUt apparently sometimes they get cut off etc?

    Looking into this so keen to hear about it cheers

    Cant remember if were here or some other forum i talked about it.
  2. For the price expect service to change at times or some changes in quality (wont likely be 1080p) a fair few people use them and IPTV is big at the minute. I've trialled a few different services (like the subscription yours comes with) and they vary in their outputs.

    Those boxes seem to retail about 35-40 quid, so you're paying like 30 quid for 3 years subscription which is very cheap and likely to be not most reliable service although I could be wrong. You get what you pay for though - keep that in mind.
  3. yeh ive read online though that for 3-5 quid a monthe u can find woprking subs, thats stil much cheaper than sky!

    but where would u find them etc, and how long will it work thats the issue
  4. Sky is always evolving and trying to eliminate. People believe IPTV is a way around attempts to block it but I'm sure sooner or later sky catch up.

    I know someone in the north east was recently raided for server farm for this kind of stuff.

    Find websites for that stuff. Easy. Just hope you can use Google.
  5. i only really watch football but streams are so hit and miss, poor quality and full of ads

    kodi wasnt much better
  6. is he vgf police
  7. Nope but he knows a thing or two about IPTV
  8. Hes a newbie? How u know lol
  9. Trust the VGF Admin team

    Not the mods though. They are *****
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  10. hey buddy been swamped with sales on facebook if your interested send me a pm on here :)

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