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The 'What are you listening to at the moment' Thread

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by Hooblue, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. As my fellow Wiitalk disciples know, I'm a huge music fan (shut it benny! ;) :lol: )

    Every forum needs a 'what are you listening to at the moment' thread, so here it is....

    My taste in music is abit varied to say the least, although I'm a big fan of electronica, as well as indie and hip-hop. Anything as long as it's good really.

    Currently spinning (virtually) on the Hooblue iPhone is:

    Suck it and See - The Arctic Monkies
    Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 - The Beastie Boys
    Homework - Daftpunk
    Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes
    There Is Love In You - Four Tet
  2. Was wondering when this thread will show up ! :lol:

    p/s Hoo - someone's beaten you to the AV thread though mate.
  3. Currently im listening to tenacious d - classico
  4. I am currently listening to a lot of The Wombats.
    Will be watching as much of Glastonbury as I can as well.
  5. wombats for me too. I like the different styles. I mainly listen to my favourites on youtube and the fallout soundtracks at work. Other than that it's reggae or old hip hop. I used to dj drum and bass, house and garage but rarely listen to it.
  6. I had to do a double take there, thought I was on the other forum for a minute :lol:

    Currently listen to what ever radio 1 is playing, which at the mo is Jack penate :thumbsup:
  7. the sounds of an office.....

    on way home though I'll be mostly listening too Black Sabbath
  8. I'm listening to "The Pretty Reckless".

    Took a chance and got it off iTunes and I'm quite pleased. Not a bad listen at all.

  9. Have you seen that band before? you should google :thumb:
  10. Jessie J? lol
  11. Downloaded the new Thievery Corporation album today called Culture of Fear.

    So far pretty impressed. More of the same Thievery Corporation sound really but some decent tunes in there.
  12. Adele - Set Fire to the Rain
  13. JimJam please leave lol
  14. Insane clown posse - homies
  15. Louder - DJ Fresh Feat. Sian Evans on radio 1
  16. :cry: :rotfl: lol
  17. Now I'm listening to Ice-T Predator.
  18. Now that is quality. Have a slight preference for Lethal Injection but still a blinding album. Was listening to It Was A Good Day yesterday in the sun too...one of my fav hip hop songs of all time!
  19. I had it years back but lost it amongst various house moves. Just got it again off iTunes and I'm re living my teenage years. Well, sort of.
  20. I hate all forms of music.

    Apart from German oompapah stuff.

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