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The Walking Dead Season 5

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by prison_inmate, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. So, it's begun, what are your thoughts?

    Seemed a lot more violent than the previous episodes.
  2. The first 10 mins was pretty brutal. Not quite sure what was actually going on there though.
  3. It was a pretty good start to the season. Those guys beheaded more people than ISIS. I give it 10 out of 10 for gruesome and brutality. I am looking forward to the rest of em.

    This quarter is amazing for me as all my faves are showing....

    Z Nation
    Walking Dead
    Vampire Diaries
  4. I enjoyed it very much,

    I can't do spoiler tags on Tapatalk so,

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!

    I was quite surprised how quickly the whole Terminus thing came to a conclusion although I'm sure there's more to that story yet.

    Also, what a fantastic aim with that fire work eh? The only let down for me.
  5. Brutal opening episode
  6. Really great start to the new season hopfully the rest of the episodes are like the opening episode
  7. Brilliant, loved it. I was only confused on the guy at the end when the show finished ( seen him before but cannot remember where?)

    And the whole end and now part when finished and opened the episode?
  8. Was he not the guy who helped Rick in the first episode, then went his own way with his boy? Remember Rick used to call him on the radio at a certain time every night.
  9. Yes he was, didn't his wife die or went missing? Rick gave him a radio to stay in contact
  10. Eh? Did I miss something? That guy was a black guy who's wife turned and he didn't have the guts to kill her.

    Did he make an appearance at the end of this episode?
  11. Thats the one also appeared in season 3 and was a bit crazy at the time..
  12. Awesome opener, couldn't be topped.......unless Maggie got her tits out of course.
  13. I like Maggie but have her tits shrivelled up through malnutrition?
  14. EDIT: severe spoiler from season 6...

    finally,the chink is dead
    #14 prison_inmate, Oct 27, 2015
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  15. Think u might b dissapointed (SPOILER) hes not
  16. Yeah, I read it myself straight after I watched it.

    I knew something was fishy.
  17. Great season so far, plenty happening and loads of ways it could go.
  18. You'd think after all this time people would be used to the zombies and stop flipping out, if you ran from them you could put miles between yourself and them, the herd would never have caught them up for hours, they only bloody walk for gods sake.
  19. You can't run forever plus quite often they come from all sides.
  20. But the USA is bloody huge, they could go somewhere were they could see for miles things coming, and then pick them off.

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