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The Sky Thread

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by Wicksy, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Sky has launched a new 7-day catch up TV service on Sky+ recorders.


    Available via Sky On Demand (the new name for Sky Anytime+), the new service will provide access to Sky shows as well as programmes from ITV Player and Demand 5. BBC iPlayer will arrive on the service this autumn with 4oD to become available in early 2013.

    To access Catch Up, customers will need to activate On Demand and connect the Sky+HD box to their broadband router. To coincide with the launch, Sky has unveiled its Sky+HD 2TB box with the capicty to store up to 350 hours of HD content.

    Sky has also unveiled a new Sky+ app for iPad that lets Sky+ customers connect to online communities around TV shows and enables users to change the channels on their TV by swiping their iPad.

    Commenting on the launches, Luke Bradley-Jones, Sky's Brand Director for TV Products said: "Since launch, Sky+ has led the revolution in how we watch TV and let more than nine million households take control of their viewing. We're pushing forward again by offering customers even more flexibility, more personal storage and entirely new ways of engaging with their favourite TV."

  2. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    Nice update buds
  3. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    Yeah saw this last night on my box and tried it out, not the best picture quality on ITV player but still a useful thing to have if I miss anything.
  4. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    That barmaid in your avatar can pour me a pint anyday ;)
  5. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    Careful, that's Millsy wife!
  6. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

  7. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    Just loaded the Sky+ app on my iPad to set up the stuff on that, only to find that to get the most out of that you also need to connect the box to the router.

    My box is downstairs and the router is on the middle floor so not possible to hardwire, so the only option is to by the wireless adapter for the Sky box from Sky. Anyone know how much the adapter costs?
  8. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    The post above yours Darren lol
  9. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    Oh yeah...should have gone to Specsavers, lol!

    £60?! They can fook right off!!!!
  10. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    Be cheaper to buy home plugs
  11. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    I happen to have those...but just agreed to lend them to someone to see if they solve a dead spot he has in his house!

    I guess it's a case of putting one in the router and plugging it into a socket, thn plugging the other one into the Sky box and to another socket?
  12. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    Yeah think so mate. Few people use them on here so they may confirm, but what I've seen what you said above i think is correct
  13. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    Once my mate has given them a go to see if they solve his problem, I'll get them back and try it out
  14. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    According to Digital Spy - http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthre ... 265&page=2 - you can now call Sky customer service and get these for £9.99 :thumb up:
  15. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    yep £9.99 is correct, if you go onto your account online and look at your boxes etc.. at the bottom you can add this wireless box in there.

    was just on a chat with a sky twat.
    if i want to upgrade my box to the new 2TB version it will set me back £150 but if i was a new customer i could get it for £50. wheres the fucking logic in that, tried haggling with the twat and he was having none of it.
  16. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    Well I got my homeplugs back off my mate and plugged them all in, only to discover that I don't have the correct software in my Sky+HD box. Having followed their guide, I found out that the software I have for the box I have, won't be updated for the next 'few months'....
  17. Re: Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    Do you have to have Sky BB in order to access the Anytime + stuff?

    I know I used to have Sky BB and was able to get Anytime +, but haven't tried since switching to BT.
  18. Sky+ adds catch-up TV early 2013

    This used to be the case but changed about six months back. You can now access Anytime + using any Internet provider. I'm with BT
  19. I've changed the title of this thread to just The Sky TV Thread, so it encompasses all Sky TV discussion so as to save having multiple threads about the same subject.

    Anyway, a small (and incredibly geeky) change is coming to Sky+ . Previously if you wanted to get Surround sound through your Sky box, you had to have an optical cable going to your amp and HDMI to the TV or amp, as the Sky box's HDMI didn't do surround audio. Well it does now! Therefore you should be able to disconnect your optical cable and just use the HDMI for both sound and vision. You have to enable it though in the menus.

    They've also introduced a new power save feature.

    More details here:


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