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The Pile of Shame Club

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by ODB, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Lots of members with a pile of shame so a place to discuss anything related or to confirm what you are playing next and what you've just completed

    What's on your pile of shame?
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  2. So recently completed

    Watchdogs 2
    Gears of War 4
    Quantum Break

    Not sure what to hit next
  3. Completed Homefront The Revolution

    Would recommend avoiding this one tbh, it's shite
  4. Won't list my shame it's to much to count the ways

    Currently playing lego harry Potter year 5-7 for the platinum then finally finish lego batman 3 platinum, return to arkham city to finish the story and kill more zeds on killing floor 2 inbetween all that.
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  5. I feel your pain

    Not sure what next. Maybe TLOU but then I always say that and play something else instead
  6. how did u find WD2,.,..i sold it found it a bit boring.

    Really enjoying Dying light atm
  7. I've had that on digital since I got it with my original PS4 started it once and not went back, I said I would do one playthrough but not feeling it, I will one day, definitely... Maybe
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  8. Boring

    Massively improved on WD1 but all the elements of WD1 that were good like car chases they made shit in WD2. Makes no sense
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  9. My pile of shame.....

    Tellgame Collection (all the games included Wolf among us/Borderlands/GoT, think only done TWD S1)
    Lego Avengers
    Lego Marvel
    Lego Batman 3
    Lego Jurassic Park
    Lego Star Wars Force Awakens
    Tropico 5
    Dying Light
    7 Days to Die

    I used to love the Lego games, bought all these cheap, never get around to playing them
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  10. Iv got a long list aswell just completed minecraft story mode. Think I will start Harry Potter Lego next while playing killing floor 2 and soon to be platinumed.
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  11. That's not a pile, it's a small collection
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  12. Telltale collection alone he could clear in a week

    The lego games he won't trophy whore those so another few weeks

    It's nothing really
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  13. He can see what you're saying and he has a name lol!

    It sounds nothing, then life happens, I get distracted by other games or people wanting to play other things or just my desire to play other things (normally something multiplayer) haha

    Shit just remembered got Hitman complete collection too

  14. Ignoring the console games when you have an unplayed collection like this sad **** then we can talk about a pile

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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I keep forgetting about my PC. It's more than adequate to game. I upgraded it not so long ago ready to game then just never did. My steam catelogue isn't huge TBF as I try like mad to avoid steam sales to avoid a stock pile of unplayed games lol
  17. TWD S1 & S2 done

    Not sure on whats next but I'm semi playing Aliens: Colonial Marines on PC at mo
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  18. Finished lego harry year 5-7 and lego batman 3

    Picked up batman in the iceberg lounge in arkham city to finish that and added another 20+ games to an unplayed games folder, so I'd say I'm set for a while...
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  19. Halo 2 done

    Been sitting needing finished for a while that. Got stuck on it and gave up. Turns out I was going the wrong way
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  20. I bought all halos and gow and wanna play them but never get time, so many new games, if only 1 of each which one but I guess best played in order right and what? 10-15hrs per game? worth going back to?

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