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The Phone Thread

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by Mackenzie, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. What is everybody using?

    What will your next phone be?

    I just bought the new samsung galaxy s2. Only a quick play so far. Browsing this forum is much nicer that on my 3gs
  2. The guy I sit next to at work has just bought a Galaxy S2, looks really good.
    I have a crappy Nokia 6301 that work provide, I hate it!
  3. I got the Sony Vivaz, Nice Phone with the HD video camera and full touch screen controls. You also have the option to change the keyboard options between mini QWERTY or full QWERTY and also standard phone pad. Not many games that take advantage of the full tilt motion as well which is abit of a let down.
  4. iPhone 4 here, i no a couple of people with Galaxy S2 and its a really nice phone. just a little to big for me really.

    As for my next phone, cant upgrade till next june but will prob get the newest iphone that comes out next july.
  5. Still think Iphones are gay, saw a guy at work the other day with the white Iphone 4 and told him i thought he was gay just because its white lol.

    I can't upgrade until next year so I will be waiting to see if they bring out the Xperia Play 2 by then.
  6. Got iPhone 4 but no going to upgrade to a new iPhone might look for something different. The interface for iPhone just annoys me now. I would like them to somehow change it. Take a risk and it may pay of.

    What the beat htc ATM?
  7. People always say never buy HTC as they are rubbish. Slow and crash alot.
  8. Go back to 3210 then I guess, best phone I ever had and that was like 10 years ago lol. Snake was the beat game ever.
  9. Iphone 4, nothing better out there. Every manufacturer, especially sammy try to cop the design.
  10. I love snakes. They updated it and made it 3D style at 1 point, can't rememeber what phone i had that on.
  11. also think with iOS5 comming out it might make people change there mind.
  12. Does the Iphone make you more attractive to girls??? NO because everybody has got 1.

    Your better off painting yourself blue and calling yourself a Smurf :smurf: lol
  13. I use a Nokia 6300. my works phone. Seeing as they pay all my bills, it suits me just fine.

    I also have a Nokia 5110 as a backup. With a glowy arisl thingy to boot.
  14. Next phone is going to be the iphone 5 or galaxy s2.Depends when the next iphone is released.
  15. I've only ever paid for two phones. A vodafone analogue piece of crap in '97 and a crappy Orange pay as you go in '98. Since I got a job as an apprentice with Orange in '98 I haven't paid for a phone since. I now work for Nokia Siemens Networks contracting for Orange.....basically doing the same job.

    I currently have an amazing Nokia E72........:lol: It's pretty basic. Nothing that great, but it was free and I don't pay a penny for the bill or the phone.

    Before this, I had a HTC Touch Diamond. I really liked that phone. Didn't crash very often on me. Possibly my most favouritest phone ever :lol:

    Thrap, just curious as to what your job is mate? I go on call for my job once every 4 weeks. I like it. Overtime and on call payments are nice.
  16. I'm a Process Optimiser in the waste water industry. I do a 1 in 4 call out and attend to alrams created by assets (pumps, compressors, valves, activated sludge etc) on treatment plants. I enjoy it as it's good money and a bit of a challenge when things go tits up.
  17. I hate my life.
  18. Cheer up Wazza!
  19. Current: HTC HD2
    Next: iPhone 4 or whatever is the latest iPhone at that time. I want to make use of some photography apps thats available on the iPhone.
  20. How do you find the HTC? Is it worth going for instead of the iPhone?

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