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The Forest (PS4)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Riddler_Tam, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Trailer for the open world survival horror game the forest shown at the Playstation experience.

  2. It sounds just like growing up near sellafield in Cumbria, it takes me back lol
  3. Been dying to play Day Z since I first saw it, then almost jizzed in my pants when it was announced it was getting a PS4 port, then got more and more pissed off as the months went by without a shred of information since it was first announced. So very excited about this. It looks awesome and also appears to be vastly superior to Day Z graphically.
  4. I am exactly same as Shadow.

    Would not surprise me if this is 2/3 years down the line though.
  5. Day Z PC is early access...possibly next year before it gets full release so likely they'll come out at same time

    From the little I know the forest is very different from Day Z with Day Z having the mmo element, from the vids I've seen the fun in that game is working out if the other players are going to kill you or be friendly. Some cracking vids of people setting up ambushes to confirm intentions. Both already available as early access on steam currently
  6. So....bought this on PC. I never thought I would be so happy as an adult when building a fort!

    Odd game, not sure what I'm supposed to do frankly, I crash landed, I built a fire and shelter, I cracked open a load of cases and robbed the content. Some weird fucked up people like things started dancing round my camp.

    Then I attacked them, they killed me....then i wake up in a cave in the middle of their village. Ran away, died of hunger.

    Tried again, same thing happened though this time they re-killed me for good this time

    Tried again. Found a giant hole in the ground, couldn't get in, fell off a cliff instead

    Tried again. Didnt like the location.

    Tried again. Starved to death

    Tried again. Didn't like the location

    Tried again. They killed me

    Tried again. They killed me

    Tried again. Located right next to their village. Walked up to 2 in daylight and killed them. Built a fort. More came. They are more aggressive now for some reason. Kept attacking me. Killed them. Ran out of food. More attacked. Killed them. Had to eat one of them or die

    Skip to day 2. I have a drying rack for meat. It's filled with arms, legs and heads of the cannibal mutants. I have armour now...a fort, a house, a bed, a garden etc etc. No animals around so living on a diet of chickory and mutants
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  7. Ok didn't expect go update this for a while

    A different group of people came...these look way more tribal than mutant and are armed and tribal style clothing

    Killed them...ate them. Damaged a fair bit of my fort too oddly. No idea who they are but look like the people that took my son
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  8. Looks like something from the descent or the thing at the end of rec, either way it has to die :rofl:
  9. Yeah was fucked up. I've seen the tribal people sometimes have arms strapped to their back...however this was just weird. Totally took me by surprise as hadnt expected anything that weird

    Couldn't get a front PIC as that's when it was attacking me but its front was basically a giant mouth shaped like a vagina from head to groin. Very weird.

    There were other mutants down there but they were human like still. Cave seemed to run really low, lower than any other ones I've found though there was nothing at the very bottom. It's weird that this cave hole is right by where I crashed too (right by tail fin). I need to explore the place a bit more but at the moment its all about base defence. I need to start creating more weaponry and a boat but its hard to find certain things at the moment like feathers for arrows etc
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  10. Ok so there's 3 groups from what I can tell

    Cannibals - Humans with blood on them. Violent but weak, quickish and generally run in 2's or the occasional 3 (unarmed)

    Mutants - Grey skin, humanoid but look a lot like grey aliends. Stronger, faster and run in numbers of around 4 usually (unarmed)

    Tribal - Humans with tribal clothing. Have various ornaments on them ranging from shoulder protection to multiple human appendages strapped to their backs. Occasionally at night see them with a candle on a stick attached to their heads which light up the path. Usually around 2-4 of them with at least 1 with the extra bits strapped to them...these tend to stand back a bit more like a chieftain and seem harder. Usually at least 1 or more is armed with a club and occasionally get them with a burning stick. These guys seem to occasionally throw fire as well

    On top of this you get different full on mutants. I've seen 3 types so far, 'Armsy' - the one I spotted in the cave, 'Virginias' or spider mutants which looks like a body with no head and 4 legs and 'Mutant babies' which are literally baby mutants. I've yet to encounter the 'Cow men'

    Had never seen the spider before but one 'morning' I was looking out past my base and saw 1 armsy and 2 Virginia's. Also saw some weird lumps moving around and went and investigated and found the babies. On top of this at least 10 mutants and cannibals running around. So at least 15 enemies running around. Needless to say my investigation of the babies was a death run.

    Seem far more enemies and far more aggressive since building the base and adding defenses. More exploration required now
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  11. Indie open-world survival-horror game The Forest will finally be made available on PS4 in 2018.

    Originally slated for release on PlayStation 4 in 2015, the Endnight Games-developed title will head to PS4 next year.

    A new trailer shown during PlayStation Experience 2017 this weekend provided a look the cooperative elements of the game, but it can also be played solo.

    In The Forest, players will craft weapons from sticks and stones; chop down trees to make a base; and fight to stay alive.

    Source vg24/7

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