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The Bad Company List

Discussion in 'The Bargain Bin' started by ODB, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. A thread where we can put up warnings about companies people may use to save the hassle for others

    I'll list these as they are put up so it doesnt get lost along the way

    1 - The Hut Group (Zavvi, The Hut, etc etc)
    2 - Mothercare: Baby Planning Dept
    3 - Zoverstocks
    4 -
    5 -
    6 -
    7 -
    8 -
    9 -
    10 -
  2. Guys, just wanted to give you a heads up on issues with The Hut group of companies.

    Came out a while back that they have been selling counterfeit items of clothing so please make sure you check any items you have bought from them thoroughly. It may be best to pay via PayPal or something this way you can raise a dispute when they ignore your emails as their CS is abysmal

    Lots of info on HUKD on this - http://www.hotukdeals.com/feedback/hut- ... 490?page=1

    Numerous instances of counterfeit items received (so much so they closed their ebay store due to the feedback and opened another one a couple of times so far) and awful CS. Their CS dept actually started an account on there to discuss the matters but was proved to be lying numerous times so they stopped posting
  3. Mothercare, the baby plan dept in particular. A complete shower of shit.

  4. Why what happened?
  5. Zoverstocks. they are primarily a company that trades via Play.com on the Playtrade thing. They sell games etc at rock bottom prices and 9 times from 10 the stuff is faulty. Few weeks ago my kids went and spent their pocket money on 3 PS2 games each. When they come through I gave them a look over. Cases and inserts were immaculate, as were the disks BUT only a couple of them worked properly, a couple only worked for a couple levels then crashed at the same point and one was even completely void of any game data. Turns out they buy up old games and skim the crap out of them to give them a look of new. CS is utter crap, they don't have a direct phone number so you have to contact them through Play.com website, they take weeks to get back to you, usually with a promise that they will send a replacement and it never appears.

    They also trade under a different name on eBay, but I can't remember what it is. When I find out I'll update this post
  6. I've had a few issues with Zoverstocks before too actually...I'm probs 50/50 on them
  7. Will back Skoosh up there. They trade on Amazon and have 97%. 97% isn't bad...but when it is on 2,295,433 review, that means nealy 69 THOUSAND BAD REVIEWS!!!

    I usually stick stuff on Marketplace (better price but higher fee's) and they're always at the bottom. And it is obvious on this one; shit sinks.

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aag/main?ie= ... B5JQRCA15O
  8. It's EStocks on EBay. Just won a case against them on EBay (first one I've ever had to open).
    I bought 2 copies of Gran Turismo 5 for £3.98 with free postage. They sent 2 copies of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. I sent them 2 mails and no response. They did have a telephone number and I phoned it and it was just a recorded message telling me to leave a message on EBay. Opened a case and was refunded the next day without requiring the items back. Shower of shite.

    Right I'm off to the Classifieds section to sell 2 copies of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. :lol:
  9. You still not managed to get your furniture sorted then matey?
  10. In February we ordered a complete nursery furniture set that was in a half price sale for £824, we decided to take out a baby plan and pay it off monthly rather than in one lump as there was no penalty in doing so.
    When we made the order the lady said “I’ll put the delivery as August, but if you pay it off sooner we can bring the deliver date forward”.
    Anyway we ended up making our last payment in April sometime, so the Mrs got on the phone to baby plan as instructed only to be told it was not possible to change the and August was the earliest they could do, she was very upset by as she was very eager to get the room ready, so I made a follow up call and managed to negotiate a new delivery date of 19th July this made the Mrs slightly happier (but only slightly).

    18th July, Mrs phones mothercare just to make sure everything is on schedule only to be told they are having trouble with their supplier and deliver is looking quite unlikely!! As you can imaging my nearly 8 month pregnant wife thought this was the end of the world as she had her heart set on this particular furniture set.

    I’m then made call mothercare to try and sort things out as she was in no state to do so. I spoke to a very helpful bloke who said if I can give them till Monday (this was Wednesday the week before) and he will have a better idea what was going on with their supplier but if it was still a no go we could then we could reorder and if whatever it was we chose was more money they would cover the cost. This appeased the wife a little as there was a new range available a she had her eye on a set that cost £1500.
    Monday comes, I phone only to be told that the bloke I spoke to is off ill but there is no way he would have promised this and mothercare would not honour this without speaking to the chap who promised this first, so we could either wait till he came back, have a refund or re-order something of the same value. This was no good to us as for the money the spent all the other stuff was crap.
    I decided to give it one more day in the vein hope that bloke just had Mondayitus. Next day I managed to get hold of him I was fuming at this point, the Mrs had been crying loads and was getting very stressed out, so I gave him a proper roasting and made him feel really guilty about it. He said to give him a few more days as the stock was coming in now but it was being quality checked as missing parts was the reason it was being discontinued by mothercare in the first place but if there were parts missing he would honour his original offer but if we took him up on this, the alternative nursery set would take 24 working days to be delivered.

    I reported back to Mrs and asked what she wanted to do, she said to tell mothercare where to stick it and get our money back, which is what I did. We’ve have now re-ordered a whole new set from Kiddicare for slightly more money but the Mrs is happy which make me happy and the furniture should arrive today.
  11. That sounds shit!

    Sounds even crazier is the hope of Kiddicare being any good! I really hope it does as you'll be in the line of fire (Kiddicare are also renoun for being shite!).
  12. Ah don't say that mate, I don't think I can take any more, I really can't.

    So far they seem really good, got a text yesterday saying it will be here today and got another text from them today saying it would be delivered between 2.38pm and 3.38pm today!
  13. Only 47 minutes of shitting your pants left!

    If not, nice knowing you ;)
  14. Guy next to me at work got his cot from Kiddicare and never had any problem with them.

    We got all ours from a local independent store who dealt directly with the company that made the stuff.

    Saying that, we did go to pick up the pram last weekend but the car seat we ordered had a big crack in it. It wasn't the shops fault though as it was there when it was delivered to them. Also one the cot part of the pram was a different colour to the rest of it, but only because iCandy have a shortage of the new colour we want so shipped it with the old one just so we had something should baby arrive early. New one is on order and should be here in the next few weeks.

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