Super Smash Bros 4 - Wii U


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Hi All,

Just thought I'd collate some news and thoughts on one of the anticipated games for the new Nintendo console - the latest installment in the Super Smash Bros franchise.

Well there isn't an official one at the moment, a lot of people are just using Super Smash Bros 4, however a leaked document last September implied a possible name for the game could be Super Smash Bros: Universe - howeve Nintendo have not confirmed this.

When are we likely to get it?
Well again nothing is concrete at this stage, but it certainly wont be in time for the proposed Q4 2012 release of Wii U. The Nintendo team that are working on Super Smash Bros 4 were previously working on Kid Icarus: Uprising, and now that that game is finished, development of this game can start in earnest. What that means I guess is we're looking at late 2013 at the earliest. More likely a 2014 release.

Who's working on it?
Perhaps the biggest news that has been confirmed so far for Super Smash Bros 4 is that the team behind the previous Super Smash Bros games are also working on this title, but as well as them, the game is being joint developed by NamcoBandai. Thats NamcoBandai of Soul Calibur and Tekken fame. Now this certainly does raise some interesting questions not only about the direction they could take the game in terms of controls, but also the characters that we could see from NamcoBandai themselves in Super Smash Bros 4. Personally I'd be really happy with Lloyd Irving / Kratos Aurion (from Tales of Symphonia) and Yoshimitsu appearing, but would be great to know your thoughts on what this could mean for the new roster.

What else?
Well speaking of rosters, Super Smash Bros's games are famous for big ones. Super Smash Bros Brawl had a 35 character roster. Rumours from inside Nintendo's development team is that at present they are not looking to increase this much if at all with the new series. Thats not to say that there wont be new characters in Super Smash Bros 4, but more than likely characters will need to drop out to make way, rather than the roster itself getting much larger. What do people think about that? What are people's thoughts on how many characters we need in a Super Smash Bros game?

Also there has been a bit of talk on this game being linked to a Super Smash Bros title that is being developed for the 3DS. There has been strong suggestions that the two games will use some form of connectivity across platforms, although not details as to what this will be have been confirmed.


Thats a summary of what I've been able to ascertain about the game recently. Be good to know if anyone else has any info an we can add it up. Be good also to see what peopl's first opinions are of this game, and any hopes they have for it in terms of gameplay / characters etc.



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Ha ha Hilly!

Its a longshot but maybe, you never know with Nintendo.

Anyone else people would want to see in the game?


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I never got into the game on the Wii.

I'm still waiting for that SM Wii-u edition to be announced. Not a peep so far.


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Yeah I've been keeping my ear to the ground for you Wazza, and I've heard nothing either.

Were the Mario games the only ones you played on the Wii Wazza, or were there others, I forget from the days of WiiTalk.