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Street Fighter IV

Discussion in 'Fighting Games' started by WolfCarnage, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. I've got this game if anyone fancies a fight. How many different versions are there, I get confused.
  2. I've got both SF4 and SSF4.Played SF4 the most and hardly touched SSF4 but the premise is the same.

    I also tried Marvel vs. Capcom but it is a bit more arcadey than the SF series. So much stuff going on during a fight and up to 3 figters - gets a bit manic.
  3. Is SSF that different? More characters? More levels?

    I haven't played SF that much but it's there on my shelf crying out to be played.
  4. Yeah - SSF has more characters and online is more improved. Slight tweaks on some of the characters powers.

    Ah ... dang. Just checked my collection. I don't have SF4 anymore. I must have traded it in when I got SSF4. Sorry mate. Was looking forward to having a ruck with you too. Let me know when you get SSF4 instead.
  5. You've missed SSF4 - Arcade Edition mate! ;) Released on PSN already as DLC but in the shops this week I believe.

    Afew differences to SSF4 in that there's 4 new characters (including Evil Ryu) and an improved lobby system, replay channel etc etc. Basically it's the version you'd play if you went into a proper Japanese arcade. A few tweaks but makes the game better IMO.
  6. Evil Ryu FTW!!!

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