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SSF4:AE K.O. Tournament in association with Capcom

Discussion in 'Fighting Games' started by Hooblue, Apr 4, 2012.

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    VGFourms in association with Capcom proudly present our Super Streetfighter 4: Arcade Edition tournament.....

    The Details

    - The tournament will use Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition on PS3 as the game of choice. Therefore you must use this game to play. No other game will allow you to participate in the tournament.

    - The deadline to register your interest for the tournament is Thursday 10th May 2012. Entries received after this date will not be allowed.

    - Once the level of interest is known, the fixtures will be compiled and announced in this thread.

    - Each round will consist of a best of three fights, with the winner moving forward to the next round using a knockout format.

    - Each fight must be viewed in the lobby by a neutral player to confirm the result.

    - Fixtures will start from 14th May onwards.

    - In order to play in the tournament you must be a registered member of VGForums.co.uk

    - Within a round, the winner of each fight cannot change their character. However the losing player may change characters between fights.

    - Although the winner of each fight cannot change their character between fights, they ARE allowed to change their Ultra combo between fights.

    The Good Stuff

    The overall winner of the tournament will receive a retail copy of Streetfighter x Tekken on PS3, together with a Streetfighter x Tekken poster (plus anything else we can find behind the VGF sofa).

    The runner up will receive a Streetfighter x Tekken poster.

    Therefore please sign up below in order to participate in the tournament. If you have any questions please let us know.

    And good luck everybody! :thumbsup:

    Definite Entrants

    Hooblue :rotfl:
    Milky Malky
    Conner Tam :lol:

    For the latest standings, as well as fixtures and results, please see here:


    Table of matches:

  2. Re: SuperStreet Fighter 4 Competition in association with Ca

    I'm up for it, but I don't have the arcade add on. Will I be able to play with Super SF4?
  3. Re: SuperStreet Fighter 4 Competition in association with Ca

    I think you need the DLC pack mate. Either that or I think the person you're playing with needs to set their AE to SSF4. I'll check it out out and report back. :thumbsup:
  4. Re: SuperStreet Fighter 4 Competition in association with Ca

    Sign me up Hoo!

    Slight technical question - do we have to stick with the same fighter in each fight (or best of 3 fights) or can we change as we please?
  5. Re: SuperStreet Fighter 4 Competition in association with Ca

    Sign me up as well please mate :thumbsup:
  6. SuperStreet Fighter 4 Competition in association with Capcom

    Cool, nice one Milky!

    To be honest mate I'm not sure. I personally can't see any harm in changing characters between fights though. Just to check ill ask the guy at work who is much more up to speed with these things.
  7. Re: SuperStreet Fighter 4 Competition in association with Ca

    Ok chaps, some new rules added to the original post about changing characters between fights etc. Please have a read to make sure it's clear.

    Also, only having the AE edition will allow you to play. It is possible within the AE menu's to switch between the AE edition and the Original SSF4 edition, but doing this forces people with the AE to roll back. (it's backwards compatible but not forwards compatible unfortunately). Thus it could become quite confusing I think and also affects the character balancing as well, which won't go down to well with some of the entrants I feel. Therefore unfortunately I think we'll have to stick to the latest version of the game, which is the AE edition.

    However if you have the original SSF4 version, you can download the extra DLC to effectively turn it into the AE edition. This is available from the PSN store. I think it's about £10, or if you can find the game cheap you can pick it up that way. It's been out a while so you could pick it up for a reasonable price I reckon.
  8. Re: SSF4:AE K.O. Competition in association with Capcom

    Ok, cheers Hoo. I'm out. I don't want to spend a tenner on a game I don't play anymore. Thanks anyway.
  9. Tam, I hear on the grapevine that you were maybe thinking of getting SSF4:AE so that you can enter this? If so mate nice one! Make sure you get the Arcade Edition if you do decide to get it though. :thumb up:
  10. It's currently £12 in CEX - is there an online pass or is it good to go with just the disc? Don't want to pick it up to find that I need to lump more money into it...
  11. Nope, no online pass rubbish I don't think for this. Pay and play my friend. :thumbsup:
  12. Cool, I'll see if I can pick it up - my only worry though is that I'm on holiday from 30th April - 8th May, so is it worth me joining?
  13. Well the tournament isn't meant to start until the 28th, so I'm sure we can wait a few days for your return mate for you to play your fixtures.
  14. Yes mate I was thinking of entering both connor and myself was going to pick up two copies then thought would the matches be on the same night as we could just share one copy?
  15. Ok cool :thumbsup:

    Gotta find myself a copy now lol
  16. I'll try and make sure that the matches are on different night mate if you want so that you can share a copy. :thumbsup:
  17. cheers mate that would be good that also means I miss out on a dad vs son and me getting my ass kicked :oops: :rotfl:
  18. Good man :thumbsup:
  19. For those that haven't noticed, the deadline for this has been extended to 10th May, due to the guy at Capcom being off ill and unable to post up the details on FB, blog etc yet.

    Any more entransta from VGF? Tam, are you defo in mate?

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