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Spartacus Legends

Discussion in 'Fighting Games' started by clumsy, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    New free to play game on the PS3 launched on Wednesday but the EU/UK servers only started working last night :lol:

    Had a few hours on it yesterday and it's not bad so far for a f2p but the first couple of fights you have.... fucking hell... i've never wanted to throw my controller at the tv so quickly!!! After that though i got some low level gear and won the next 10 fights so it's just a brutal and unfriendly welcome mat that's set out :) It's a typical fighting game with the usual heavy/light attacks, kicks to push back and taunts. There are even execution moves but not tried them out yet as you need to spend silver to get them as a boost. Nice graphics for a f2p (in-game shot below) and it's pretty smooth. Lots of gore like the tv series and it fits quite well with that as a spin-off.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Not played any online matches yet, just vs CPU and that's bloody tough enough for me. Tried fighting in the second district and got absolutely mullered :lol: Plus... your gladiators can die online so, er, not quite ready for that level of reality just yet. If you want to play this for free be prepared for an almighty grind to get decent gear. It's already clear that to get the trophy for level 50 is going to be seriously challenging. Earning silver (in-game "free" currency) is very slow. You can of course buy gear and gladiators with gold coins (purchased in packs or earned very very slowly each level).

    All in all, it's not a bad little game. If you like your fighters then it's worth a go.
  2. If anyone else starts this then shout. I can give you a few pointers on here of what to do and what not to do :) might save you wasting silver or gold.
  3. Might give this a go, could do with having more than just one multiplayer game (I did start NFSMW yesterday though, but I'm not a big racing game fan so don't know how much I'll play it).
  4. Started playing this last night after deciding that there was just no point playing BF3.

    It's not bad for a F2P, and i'm a sucker for games where the aim is to upgrade your gear so i was drawn in straight away. Went over 20 victories with no losses with my first gladiator, then lost the second fight in the second district. After that decided to try some different styles so purchased a dual dagger gladiator and a 2-handed hammer gladiator. The dual daggers are very quick, sticking to mainly light attacks with the occasional heavy thrown in you can tear through enemies quickly. With the hammer gladiator i'm finding that i don't use light attacks at all but rather stay a little further back than usual and just use heavy attacks which you can string together fairly easily to devastate the opponent.

    Haven't managed to do any executions yet despite having purchased the 500 silver boost and ending the fight with maximum crowd favour. Also haven't figured out how to taunt.
  5. You left me man ... you left me :mad:
  6. Taunts are done using the directional button (any of the 4 does different taunts). To do an execution you need max crowd favour, without the boost you chop a limb off... with a boost it's a little more dramatic!

    Be careful with the Perks. Most are pretty shit and to change one costs 2 gold... which is scarce. I liked Unfazed, Doctore's Focus, No Missio or Jupiter's Luck (i think?). I bought a blue rated dual daggers gladiator and put the uPlay helmet you can get on him + a few cheap upgrades. Worked well enough on the first legendary and early part of 2nd district.

    One thing for sure i can say on this. I certainly won't be getting the gold trophy unless they radically change the fame you need. Likely 200+ hours for that monster!
  7. Sorry Lovejoy (lets see if ya get that one :p ), was at the point of completly blowing, thought it best to make a swift exit before shaming myself with a public meltdown.

    Figured the taunts out earlier, but still not done an execution despite having max favour and the boost, not even severed a limb, just get the opponent to 0% health and he'll stand there swaying until i hit him (which always results in a regular attack) or he eventually just falls over.

    I get absolutely slaughtered everytime i try to do the last Primus fight before the first boss (the unarmed guy), i just can't seem to hit him or break his blocks at all.

    Had a rather comical/irritating moment earlier when i performed an overhead attack with a two-handed hammer and the opponent parried it with his daggers, didn't even stagger him and he launched into attack before even i could attack again :wallbash: Let it not be said that this game is realistic.
  8. What ... Ian McShane instead of Iain Swayne? Aye, you're stretching me there right enough.
  9. Do the unarmed guy with dual daggers. Spam square 2-3 times followed by an X kick. Rinse, repeat. Taunt when he hits the dirt... should be gravy
  10. Alright, alright, whenever i've mentioned Lovejoy to anyone in the past they haven't had a fucking clue wjhat i'm talking about. Also i don't believe your surname is Swayne as being that your Scottish it technically has to be McSwayne.

    That's what i've been doing as you can only fight him using a dual dagger gladiator, just can't seem to touch him.

    Finally managed some executions though, was very dissapointed to learn that they don't increase silver or fame earned. Won't bother spending silver on them again.

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