Soul Calibur VI


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More than 20 years ago, the fate of players around the world was sealed as they searched for the Legendary Swords. Now, SoulCalibur is back with the 6th installment of the series, returning to its roots with an updated gameplay and presentation!

Watch our launch trailer and discover the first two characters of the roster.

As you’ve just seen, legendary warriors Heishiro Mitsurugi from Japan and Sophitia Alexandra from Greece, who first appeared in Soul Edge back in 1995, are back for SoulCalibur VI. Mitsurugi’s katana and Sophitia’s short sword and small shield clash in an epic duel in our announcement trailer. They’ll join the cast of characters which we’ll reveal through the upcoming months, compromised on of both new and returning fighters.

SoulCalibur VI retains its 3D weapon-based fighting roots. The 8-Way Run movement system returns, allowing for smooth 3D movement, while adding in new gameplay systems including the new Reversal Edge. Reversal Edge allows characters to clash against each other and follow-up with a powerful counterattack based on their opponent’s actions. We’ll have much more to say about gameplay mechanics soon in the future!

You have been many to ask for the return of SoulCalibur VI, and as you’ll get to see, the wait was worth it ;) SoulCalibur has never looked so beautiful or played so well. We’re returning back to the series’ roots and bringing it to the 21stcentury.

SoulCalibur VI will release for PlayStation 4 in 2018. Say it with me one more time: WELCOME TO THE STAGE OF HISTORY!

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