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So it begins...

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by ODB, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Right, I'm going ahead with a build. I'm going to do it as a project so piece here, piece there etc so I'm in no real rush for parts so I'm going to do things one at a time. I'm also trying not to spend much at all on this so cheaper the better but not cheap and shit. At the mo I dont want to go over £700 but its got to be better than something I can get pre-built to justify the personal mods

    Now for background as you know I want something thats ok for gaming and for storage & HTPC. Storage being the most important. Whatever I build I want to stick in 2x 2TB HDD's (at least!) though I'm not going to do that straight away so will start with one and add one later. So whatever I get its going to need to be able to mount more HDD's and other components.

    Gaming side of things I'm more easy on...as long as it will run things nicely I'm cool, I'd like to be able to run most current games at maximum but not go OTT on GPX as I'd rather update at a later stage than max it out now. I'm not going to game on it that much if I'm honest (well...I dont intend too) so its not worth it for me. So this means it needs decent room to upgrade parts at a later stage

    One big issue...USB's. I want MOAR!!! I need lots of them, couple on the front and a load on the back. Whether these are part of the case vanilla or an addition I dont mind but I dont want a hub attached to it so the more the better really. Thinking a couple of 3.0 and the rest 2.0 unless its no real issue as majority of things will be 2.0 anyway for quite a while

    So...before we get into anything else I'm going to start with the first component I need...a case!

    Any recommendations?

    Ones I like so far are:

    Love this one - BitFenix Colossus Venom Edition but its huge by the looks of it, cant find actual size dimensions unless I'm being blind

    Pretty much the same but with a window - BitFenix Colossus I'd quite like a window but where its going it wouldnt really be useful

    Really quite like this - Corsair Vengeance Military though bit too much metal perhaps and I would be tempted to spray it camo

    No idea why but this stands out -In-Win Dragon Slayer

    Love this range - BitFenix Prodigy Range but unsure on component sizes though I'm leaning towards this right now

    I'm totally open on cases though I'd like something a bit different rather than one that looks ok at work or one that looks tacky or cheap. I want soemthing that looks the part as well as does the job

    Random odd cases I've come across on my travels:

    Just cause its cool and different

    Reminds me of a stormtrooper

    Just odd!


    My Dad would love it!
  2. First off good news and the very best of luck with your build :)

    As we are looking at stage 1 which for you is a case I generally stick to this;

    1. Lots of places for heat to escape, lots of mesh style cases work very well. The very best solution would be no case at all, just sturdy brackets holding things in place.

    2. The PSU can go at the bottom. Although hot air rises up, it does so slowly and a slight draft generally overcomes it. Separating the heat sources will help reduce the overall heat levels, and therefore reduce noise, and stress on components.

    3. Big enough for your dream graphics card. Size is everything, so make sure its big enough to house that huge graphics card your likely never get but just in-case you get a bonus or find £500.

    4. Lastly make sure the front fascia has all the inputs you'll probably never use. At a minimum it needs to have at least 4 USB (some headphones need power, USB stick, second controller, peripheral charge cable) and Mic and Headphone Jacks.

    [​IMG] From your list I like this one the most http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showprodu ... -IW&tool=5

    [​IMG] I have this one: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showprodu ... 36&subcat=
  3. Hmm...problem is that's the one I like least visually :(

    The colossus is my fav but I think the Prodigy will be best visually

    Think I should have added is that this is going in the living room, in my desk thing but clearly visible so it needs to appease the OH and I think the prodigy she'd have no issues with

    At this stage I'm happy to get a case that I may upgrade at a later point with other components being upgraded as well but if I can cope with smaller size at this stage its no issue plus the prodigy price is rather attractive.
  4. Colossus, it has words like Epic! Deadly! in its description. Prodigy has words like mini, enough said :)
  5. This Built system has 2 usb3 and 4 usb2 or for £12 more you can have 4 of USB2 and 4 usb 3 ( Gigabyte Z77-D3H ). For an extra £125 Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe, you get 6 usb3 and 4 usb 2..

    This is a decent system. The CPU can be overclocked and certainly with the extra cooler. The gpu ( graphic card is ok, but certainly not top end ) The case i like but for an extra £70 you can get an antec 1200, but really thats money for nothing, but all depends how important the cosmetics are.

    CPU: NEW! Intel Core i5 3570K
    CPU Cooler: Xigmatek Loki SDS963
    Operating System: No Operating System - I will install my own
    Motherboard: NEW! Asus P8Z77-V LX2
    Memory: 8GB Corsair 1600mhz Vengeance (2x4GB)
    Hard Drives: 2TB S-ATAIII 6.0Gb/s
    Additional Storage: 2TB S-ATAIII 6.0Gb/s
    Optical Drive: 22x DVD±RW DL S-ATA
    Graphics card: NEW! AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB
    Sound card: Onboard 7.1 Audio
    Case: CM Storm Enforcer
    PSU: 500W Xigmatek
    Warranty: 3 Year SureCare Warranty
  6. When I can eventually afford to build a system I'll be going with this case. Looks the part, is well ventilated and has room for lots of fans (+bottom PSU placement).

  7. tbh right now cosmetics are hugely important, if it stands out cause its fugly then its a no go so right now I'm tempted by the small size prodigy case with the option to buy a bigger case at a later stage and cannibalise all the giblets and add into new case or replace with better items

    Happy to add a fan Grime, I'm choosing building it myself cause I dont want to buy it a oner as I'm going to flog bits and bobs to fund it. Plus I really want to learn how to build it from scratch for myself. I like having little projects to occupy myself with and I've got nothing at the mo so stock is fine if its good enough but equally happy to replace with something better

    Ok I can afford to go OTT on this but I dont want too, piece by piece gives me chance to learn as I go along and clear out my stuff (If I bought all at once I'd end up not flogging all the bits and pieces I have). At a later point if I get into all this then I can build a shit hot PC and buy all new components and cases and crack on with it then so for now something small, not expensive and a neat and tidy system will keep me (and more importantly the OH!) happy!

    I know she likes the Prodigy case so I can swing it that way and a plain case would just annoy me too much
  8. Cheers Grime, its defo my fav looking after the Colossus. Only issue is USB really and thats probs going to be an issue :~(
  9. That Bit Fenix prodigy makes me want to sell my case and mobo and go Itx
  10. You like then bud? have you seen all the diff colour options?

    The one I really want is the ltd ed Nvidia model but think thats only available as part of a pre-built

    http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showth ... t=18477211

    Though I've been thiking and may go for the colossus instead but its review on cooling didnt seem great
  11. ODB, you are by far the biggest consumer I have never met.

    Money must burn a hole in your pocket :rotfl:

  12. it does mate yes :rotfl:

    In fairness though this build is going to be funded by crap I'm going to sell...games, blu rays, dvd's and steelbooks so I'm not going to go OTT on it and I've decided to push it more to a HTPC than gaming though gaming is still a factor but if I dont get into it it wont be a massive problem. Already sold my microserver that was just sitting there doing nothing for £150 (price I paid minus cost of a cheap GPX and RAM - about £30) so I'm only losing a little on it and thats paid for a case whether I go for the £65 Prodigy or the £130 Colossus

    I need to find out if Colossus can have more USB's added otherwise I may have to look outside of BitFenix's visually sexy cases :(
  13. How many usb's you want mate? My case has got 4 on the front and a couple on the back, I've got a CM 690ii advanced case and its got plenty of space for fans intact I've got a couple 120mm blue led cooler master fans if you ever need any, also got a 1g 6870 wich will run day z quite well you can have for the price of postage it'll do you until you save up for a higher end gpu I've offered it to a couple people but I've always been to late or they don't need it
  14. if your sure thats ok mate?
  15. Yeah mate it's cool, it's been in an anti static bag and nice and cushioned in my 580 box so if I send it in that it will be fine, I've got the driver CDs if you want them but you can just get the latest ones off the and website
  16. Just had a quick read through mate and I think I've got the general idea lol .... With regards to usbs there are plenty of options to add more so don't worry .....

    I will have a look about tomorrow and put some ideas together for you..

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