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Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by ODB, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Loving this game, see Snipes has it. Anyone else?
  2. I've not had chance to play it yet I bought and installed it but got no further :sad:
  3. You played Sniper Elite though?
  4. Sniper elite is a classic loved the first one! Played the demo of the second one and looks good. I love how when you fire your rifle the camera follows the bullet. Great game
  5. Just played 10 minutes of this and I'm gonna be honest its pants :|
  6. You not like the non-zombie one?

    I like this though its really a series of checkpoints where you have to fortify and survive. Only issue being you get no time to fortify. Good for a quick pick up but its not something you need to think a great deal about
  7. It wasn't so much sniping as mowing zombies down with a sniper rifle, which is fun granted but lacks longevity.. Ghost warrior 2 might be worth a bash though
  8. Yeah its not same as the proper game which is better but ruined by crappy on foot bits

    Finally got Ghost Warrior 1 working last night, a week since putting it on via capsule and it declaring code was invalid...it started working last night without me doing anything
  9. played again last night, first time in weeks. I'd been stuck on a bit in a church where a few waves come at you. Wasnt paticularly hard but theres one big beefy bastard with an LMG who comes in and he just nailed me everytime. Fucking solid to get past him whilst having to shoot all the others too. No idea whats best weapon against him but ended up FINALLY taking him out with a booby trap I'd set up. So completed first wave, had to take on 2nd until he got there but had fortified with a mine and trip wire on 1 staircase just in case anything slipped behind me and on the side he came on I had stuck 2 dynamites down, a mine all in 1 area and I'd swapped that big fuck off shotgun (forget the name) and swapped it for an RPG. So ran off when he came up, fired RPG in that direction thinking that was enough to take him out. It didnt. So another 2 RPG rounds and a single shotgun shot took him out. Thats pretty fucking hardcore so dreading encountering one of those again!

    I still like this game, its daft but still pretty fun for a quick blast. Next bit straight after that was pretty easy, take out the zombies in the building that keep coming in (probs about a dozen) then just wipe out all the zombies on the street using sniper rifle which was about 99% slow mo bullet cams and seeing as there is approx 60 to kill takes a while I suppose. Its a bit harder in a way cause the Zombies dont get in cover so they are continually moving. However I dont get why bullet cam heart shots kill zombies when it needs to be a headshot at close quarters. Assume this is bad coding as its allowing the standard Sniper Elite kill to be the same on this zombie one
  10. Hmm

    played about 90 mins last night, I like it but it seems rather than pushing up the difficulty or changing something around they've now just started throing about 50 zombies at you. Not hard just bloody time consuming! Plus you havent got time to line up decent shots cause of the numbers you just have to get a headshot as fast as you can.

    kinda starting to suck
  11. My first YouTube Vid

    #11 ODB, Apr 28, 2013
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  12. I was maybe a little harsh on this game when I first played it, I've put an hour or so playing this tonight and I think I like it! zombie bashing is fun
  13. you met that big beefy bastard yet with the LMG? Fucking solid to kill him. The bit in the church almost broke me. Long range they aint too bad, sponges but go down eventually

    if you havent met one yet check my youtube vid, last minute or so
  14. Yeah they are solid to kill they take quite a few head shots before they go down. The developers of this game absolutely love cut scenes, it's like every other shot which is a little tedious
  15. you mean the slow mo effect? You can change settings on that...high, medium (standard) and low. I think there is also an OFF button for them.
    I like them though lol

    the bit in the church where he shows up is solid, nowhere to run. I ended up booby trapping the entire area, couple of mines, trip wire and dynamite. Through 2 grenades at him when he got to aht area, massive explosion and smoke. Bastard stepped out of the smoke and I almost cried! couple of shots from the preacher on top of that and he was down

    tbh I just play this game with the rifle, shotgun and a semi decent pistol. No point running with machine guns cause they are so ineffective you run out of ammo too quickly

    Do you not thing you should get more time to fortify in this? Cant help but feel a lot of the mines etc are wasted cause you dont have time to plant them
  16. I've just completed the scary dude with the skulls that fly around him in the cathedral.. He was nails and I'm just about to start labyrinth of death I can't believe how into this I am now :grin:

    They don't give you a great deal of time to setup positions and the amount of zombies they throw at you is bordering ridiculous but it's fun
  17. eh?? which bit is that? sounds like your further than me now

    So far I've come across bog standard zombies, the skeletons, the big dudes and the flying snipers. Nothing even close to a boss battle like that sounds to be.

    Saying that I think I might know where you are. That where you come out into a long courtyard, cathedral at other end with a burning car next to it? Wave of zombies, then a few skeletons, then more zombies, then the flying snipers, then more zombies then big dude? If so thats the cathedral I need to enter
  18. Yup that's the one, it's a treat once you get inside it had me stuck for ages on it :mad:
  19. shit you've got far fast! I gave up on it a few weeks back and have only had occasional blast since. Its a bit too samey so need a break to play it i think
  20. I know what you mean about it being samey, I'm mixing it by trying to get as many kills as I can with one shot. 4 is my max so far lol. After I get bored with this I'm gonna go back to bioshock 3 as I think I'm inky half way through.

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