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Smart watch

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by WolfCarnage, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. It's that time where smart watches have finally taken off, as with all technology, you know it's here to stay once Alba start to make them.

    I've been avoiding buying into another apple product on principle of the price and have taken a gamble on the Pebble classic at £50.

    I know the company has just folded but there seems to be plenty of support still and I've been playing around with it for a day now and managed to syn it with my iPad and interestingly my windows pone.

    I had to buy Pebble watch pro for the windows phone at £1.49 but it seems to work really well and I can get Twitter updates etc on the go.

    I've also found a neat site that lets you make your own watch faces www.watchface-generator.de

    Perfect for me right now but how long before I want something more or the watch stops working?
  2. I have a Moto 360 with brown leather strap.

    Very nice
  3. Loving it so far, managed to get a nice weather update face on it and an app that lets me know the goals as they go in for the championship. Really handy at work as I don't have to keep getting my phone out of my pocket to check stuff.

    How does the moto work with the software? Is it Android?
  4. I have a Tag Heuer Connected, with grey leather strap.

    I absolutely love it and once I heard that I can upgrade it after 2 years to a mechanical Carrera, then I was sold.

    The only thing I'd like, is for the Android Wear 2.0 upgrade to add more/better support to iOS devices.
  5. I want to say the following, I recently had such a dispute arose over the topic that is better mechanical classic watches or all the same modern smart watches.
    In the dispute participated - my father with a classic Swiss clock on his arm
    - My older brother with a Samsung on his hand.
    - And me in the role of a dumb spectator
    What did they eventually come to
    -Classic expensive watches are better for the status of their owner, they do not need to be recharged every 2-3 days, they are more reliable, they are more pleasant to wear on the hand (I do not know how it was measured and determined, maybe it's more pleasant to carry a huge amount on my wrist? )
    -In favor of smartwatches went the following - they have more potential: calls, sms, social networks, calculator, music and other stuff. They do not always look like a piece of high-tech plastic, and there are also presented very stylish models. They cost cheaper and are very popular both among young people and among successful people, stars, etc.

    Personally, I think that everybody wears what is comfortable for them. I`ve ordered a model just looking like a classic clock. And with the choice, I had no problems, because on the Internet there are so many reviews and comparisons of different models from different brands for different prices and with different characteristics that sometimes the eyes scatter.
    Here are some examples of such reviews (not for the sake of advertising, as these are not even shopping sites, but for clarity http://www.techradar.com/news/wearables/best-smart-watches-what-s-the-best-wearable -tech-for-you-1154074
    If you need a smart watch on Internet you can choose it for every taste and color.

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