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Discussion in 'Music Games' started by Millsy, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Right you lot, I have an idea, but kneed to know who has Sing Star

    Don't be shy
  2. Coming out on a forum, nice!
  3. Fuckers, I'm comfortable with my sexuality, back on topic please :finger:
  4. Umm, ok, back on topic I do not own any of those games, sorry Milly (oops, meant Millsy).
  5. I can sense a ban coming your way :rotfl:

    If you can't sing then just say so ;)
  6. I can't sing
  7. That's alright mate, you don't know a lot about football either ;) :rotfl:
  8. Twat, sorry make that gay twat
  9. What no wink :finger:
  10. Don't want you getting the wrong idea :rotfl:
  11. Don't knock it until you have tried it, you might like it, Singstar that is :rotfl:
  12. Don't think so mate, anyway, what is your big idea, I am intrigued?
  13. Not telling :ugeek:
  14. Tease :Fpirate:
  15. I can imagine Millsy drunk on lightning singing Bucks Fizz
  16. Bastards, thread derailed I give up :finger: :rotfl:
  17. :rotfl: :rotfl:
  18. I meant Gay in happy sense.

    I'm free............!!!!!!!
  19. What time do you want me to come round big boy :oops:

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