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Seion Danders 2018 1st round "MOCK" Draft

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by deanomcfee91, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. @VGFL Member

    It's mock draft time!!!!

    This is based on in-game team needs and projected 1st round players before FA's were accounted for. I have no doubt that it will go completely different.

    No. 1 - Colts
    The number 1 overall pick goes to the colts. Two head coaches that stepped through the door, instantly turned round and said no thank you. With these front office problems its no wonder the colts had a 1-15 season. The colts at the beginning of the off season allowed key players like Akeem Ayers (OLB) and Jonathan Casillas (ILB) hit free agency. The colts linebacking core now severely diminished i have to say this is there greatest need without a doubt.

    Colts Select: OLB Deshaun Flynn

    No. 2 - Dolphins
    With the number 2 pick the Dolphins who currently sit with a 21-man roster could literally go anywhere and fill a hole. Currently the only offensive lineman on the roster is Laremy Tunsil but i doubt the mad scientist down in Miami is going to spend the no. 2 pick on a big man up front. Ryan Tannehill is coming off an average 3600 yard season, i suspect Miami will be looking for his replacement.

    Dolphins Select: QB Riley Calmelat

    No. 3 Vikings
    Minnesota, after a strange trade with the New England Patriots. In which star OLB Anthony Barr was traded. The Vikings still have ILB Eric Kendricks to pick up the slack, but with no other notable LB ready to be Barr's replacement i expect the vikings look for a cheaper answer to Barr's expiring contract with this pick.

    Vikings Select: OLB Anthony Burch

    No. 4 Buccaneers

    The Buccaneers will look to solidify their secondary this year. Everybody was surprised when it was announced that 35 year old CB Brent Grimes would play another season for the Bucs. Vernon Hargeaves is definitely Grimes replacement but can you really put a value on a pair of speedy corners especially when you think of the big bodied receivers in the NFC South.

    Buccaneers Select: CB B.J. Jenkins

    No. 5 Eagles
    The panthers, still with a fairly solid roster decide to move down 1 spot and pick up another ticket in the later rounds.

    Panthers Trade with Eagles

    The Eagles i expect will look to add protection for their sophomore QB Carson Wentz. With the retirement of pro bowl OT Jason Peters it will leave a large hole on the blindside of this young QB.

    Eagles Select: OT Derrick Kaiser

    No.6 Panthers
    With only 1 noticeably ageing position in Charlotte. The Panthers will look to add some more youth to its defensive back core.

    Panthers Select: DB Deon Reynolds

    No.7 Redskins
    A scary moment in Washington when QB kirk cousin decided to hit FA. Luckily for the Redskins nobody was interested in signing the 30 year old vet. With a fairly young and stacked roster the Redskins will look to give Cousins another weapon.

    Redskins Select: WR Antuan Woodard

    No.8 Chargers
    The chargers feel confident with rivers and decide not to go after a QB. With no real 1st round 3-4 DE prospects the chagers decide to add to an already stacked position on the roster.

    Chargers Select: OLB Gavin Dahl

    No.9 Seahawks
    The former VGFL superbowl champions have been struggling with O-line men. With only 2 of 5 OL men worth any sort of mention the Seahawks will look to give QB Russell Wilson more time in the pocket and allow him to find his trio of good targets downfield

    Seahawks Select: OT Cole Callahan

    No.10 Steelers
    Coach Brewis has mentioned a few times that he is unhappy with the productivity of his DL. Both DT's are still young but i think the Steelers will bring in some competition at the position.

    Steelers Select: DT Shakiel Goodwin

    No. 11 Jets
    The jets have struggled for years under-centre. The likes of Fitzpatrick, McCown and Osweiler haven't been able to get the job done. They have all gone, With the signings of OL Jack Mewhort and Ja'Wuan James anybody that the jets pick up should find a comfortable home with gang green.

    Jets Select: QB Scott Ogden

    No. 12 Raiders
    I had far better expectations for this team. The likes of Carr, Cooper and Cook just couldn't get the job done, or did they. Carr threw 27 TD's this season. I believe the defence let this team down. The Raiders will look to give DB Karl Joseph a much deserved friend.

    Raiders Select: DB Delton French

    No. 13 Bills

    Head Coach Brunty panics with his first pick off the board, he decides to Trade down to 17

    Rams Trade with Bills

    The bills a high calibre team from last year decided not to retain many of its DB's keeping only Hyde and White. With a shallow DB class the Bills decided to move up to get 1 of only a couple of DB's left.

    Bill Select: Tate Diamond

    No.14 Browns

    The Browns got their franchise QB last year. I would look for the Browns to take a Linebacker, but with no real talents left. The Browns decide to add a little height to its receiver core.

    Browns Select: WR Spencer Hodgers

    No. 15 Lions
    The lions would have liked to bring in another big hitter to help DT Akeem Spence out. With a very Limited supply in this years draft the lions will look deep down the board and trade with the Cardinals

    Lions Trade with Cardinals

    The Cardinals almost went all the way. Carson Palmer now past his prime is in need of replacement

    Cardinals Select: QB Kevin Strojny

    No.16 Titans
    The Titans are currently deep at most positions. TE Delanie Walker is now 34 and on the decline so i would expect the Titans to add depth here ready for the legends retirement

    Titans Select: TE Joseph Hamden

    No.17 Dolphins
    This very young rams team is not in any real need anywhere apart from it OL so the rams decide to drop out of the first round.

    Rams Trade with Dolphins

    Once again the half built dolphins could select a dud and he would still fill a hole.

    Dolphins Select: TE Allen West.

    No. 18 Cowboys
    The cowboys currently coming off a mediocre only have 1 real need. A younger hard hitting safety is needed in Dallas to drop down in to the box and make some plays.

    Cowboys Select: DB Okoye Tolliver

    No. 19 Ravens
    With only 2 receivers on the roster i expect the ravens to draft some weapons for flacco. Otherwise this strong armed QB might not have a hope in hell at getting one more ring before retirement.

    Ravens Select: WR Douglas Spence

    No. 20 Falcons
    Not seeing anything of interest the saints decide to trade with an unexpected partner the Atlanta Falcons

    Saints Trade with the Falcons

    The Falcons front office panicked by the lack of talent in the first round decide to trade a lot to get the guy they want. With only one real need since Safety Ricardo Allen walked at the beginning of the off season i'd imagine its a no-brainer for the dirty birds

    Falcons Select: DB Byron Greene

    No. 21 Jaguars
    Blake Bortles is coming off a good season throwing 34 TD's and over 4000 yards. The Jags front office has indicated that they are concerned with his ability to throw the deep ball. I'd expect the jags to go QB here.

    Jaguars Select: Nash Ulmer

    No. 22 Packers
    Jordy Nelson is getting on and the packers know this, Rodgers went down this season and the packers only just scraped a PO shot. Not having the Nelson of old limited what Hundley could do. Packers go for Nelsons Replacement this year.

    Packers Select: LaDarius Blair

    No.23 49ers
    The bears unsure of what they are after decide to trade with the 49ers.

    Bears trade with 49ers

    The 49ers have an ageing receiver core, Garcon (32) and Kerley (29). Look for the 49ers to pick up a new receiver for new FA signing QB Sam Bradford.

    49ers Select: WR Harris Henderson

    No.24 Lions

    The Detroit front office has spoken about an noneffective running duo. look for them to add depth here

    Lions Select: HB Dareon Combs

    No.25 Broncos
    Coach Crispy Has expressed on numerous occasions that he only has one position in mind this draft and he is willing to give the bank to secure a franchise QB as he is sick of the sight of Siemians face.

    Broncos Select: QB Phillip Kircus

    No.26 Bengals
    The Bengals got there PO ticket and almost had the SB winners. With no real need anywhere other than OL look for the Bengals to trade down or pick up one of the big men.

    Bengals Select: OL David Hass

    No.28 Bills
    The bills currently have a depleted OL, i'd expect them to solidify the front 5 with there second pick in the 1st.

    Bills Select: OL Ray Grice

    No.29 Browns
    With scraps left on the board the Browns trade down to 32 from the Pats.

    Browns Trade with Pats

    The Patriots and Coach Austin spotted something they found intriguing.
    (with a large boo)
    Patriots Select: DE Maurio Howard

    No.30 Bears

    With nothing left on the board the Bear go for their 2nd round target.

    Bears Select: OLB Victor Massie

    No. 31 Giants

    With the release of TE Will Tye, The giants believe another big bodied receiver is the need

    Giants Select: TE Treveon Faggins

    No.32 Browns
    With the Browns 2nd pick in the 1st round they decide that this draft class is very poor and go for their 2nd round target early.

    Browns Select: OLB Veneton Mendenhall

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