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Season 2 AGM

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by dwevans, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. @VGFL Member

    Please post by the end of the playoffs if there are any specific rules you would suggest modifying/ammending to help the league progress. We will make any changes by the end of preseason but for now the current rules remain. Please keep to them.

    Please bear in mind when suggesting rules that the philosophy of the league is to encourage realistic gameplay whilst avoiding exploits of CPU AI.

    Current Issues raised in admin chat that will be discussed:

    1. Team switching - Proposal that team switching is discouraged, but exemptions can be made if the team you support becomes available.

    Any further suggestions please outline below with a reasoned argument. If you want to make any rational points regarding any of the above please do so here rather than on Telegram.

    Thanks :D
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  2. 2. FTC

    I'm doing this for @Fraser Oliver as he is too stupid to use the forum - I know he would want it posting tho #HelpTheCommunity
  3. Proposed picture change for packers in VGFL network auto post section
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  4. Ridiculous request lol
  5. A look at the scoring.

    If a team goes 28 point difference early on then there should be no allowance for the opposition to attempt a comeback essentially meaning the game results end once 28 point dif is made.

    How annoying would it be if you couldn’t score cuz you reached 28 only then for opponent to make a comeback and win

  6. If someone is 28-0 up and the team with 0 points goes on to score then essentially the winning team could score again - it's a 28 point lead not that you can't score more than 28. The point limit is in place to stop people quitting taking rankings It would change IMO
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  7. The way I see it is people are gonna quit because they can’t take a L then they shouldn’t be here.

    Think about it.

    I’m winning 28-0 against Daf, for say, and I get to the 1yd line with on 1st and goal near the start of the 2nd Q. Now as I can’t score in theory I take 4 knees.

    Daf then scores to make it 28-7. Now there is potentially for me to lose momentum and Daf ends up coming back to make it 28-28 and end up winning in OT. I would, as would anyone else feel robbed about this as I had to essentially “stop playing” on a certain drive.

    The way I see it is you should be able to score without worry until the end of the game but you shouldn’t be calling unneeded TO’s to score. For example in the 4th Q leading by 35 for say.

    I hope that makes sense.

    In addition, a complete scrap (if not already implemented) of the score limit in playoffs. At this point awards are already given so makes no difference.
  8. The only thing you need to worry about is the 28 point difference at the end of the game. It isn't very often that an opposition doesn't score in the entire game. If for one would not pass this rule because it's stupid to say if you reach 28 points then that should be the game and not let your opponent have a chance to come back
  9. With a 28 point lead then manage the clock better. Minimise your opponents possession. No offence I don't know how experienced you are at cfm but some of you guys here will be throwing all day even with a big lead which isn't good for clock management
  10. I definitely think the 28 point rule needs looking at. I agree in the 4th quarter you shouldn't be scoring, that's fair enough.

    However if you are up 28 in the first half and get a pick 6 or drive to the goal mine then you shouldn't have to purposely not score of be punished for doing so.

    As long as you are running the ball on 1st and 2nd down and not taking shots deep then I believe you should be allowed to keep scoring in the first half. If you break a run for big yardage then you should have to 'Give up' the play in order to keep the clock running but not to gain significant yardage.

    Just an idea from my own experiences this season.
  11. You could run the pick 6 in, but if that took you over the 28 point limit we would then look at if you have let your opponent score which if that was the case would result in a ban. The rule is there so someone how is winning by that much can't take the piss out the opponent. All you need to do is make sure you finish within the 28 point limit. I definitely don't think making your opp end the game at the limit is the way to go
  12. This has never happened in the 10 seasons we have had so far, so this hypothetical argument for expanding it is pretty weak as a result.

    Probably better to make a suggestion to expand it to 33 so it becomes a 5 possession game with 4 TDs and a FG or 3TDs and 4FGs.

    35 means people won’t clock manage and will push to get a 5th TD, 34 will mean they do the same and miss an XP potentially.

    I could maybe support up to 33, but not saying the game is over, you can score again as long as it’s first half or any weird rules like that.

    Given that no one has ever come back from 28 down it may not even be needed tbh, but that’s how I would reflect on your suggestion.
  13. You sure? Madden 17 I was Panthers at Falcons ran by @deanomcfee91 and he was heavy up by half time. I'm sure it was 28. He didn't win the game

    Anyway that been said don't change the limit.
  14. Believe it was 21 dude. You beat me 28 - 21 #new controller
  15. Oh was it? My bad - WHAT A FUCKING GAME THO! #FuckTheFalcons #Can'tKeepABigLead
  16. I’m happy for a 33 point difference, just trying to suggest something along those lines.
  17. I don't see the sense in changing and especially increasing it by 5 points I mean it's a fucking random amount
    28 is fine If the need to increase it should be one full score of 7 making it 35 point difference
  18. See this was the reason I thought you was comish
  19. Nope

    It doesn't take a commissioner to use common sense TBF anyone can
  20. I disagree. Moving it up under 6 points means people can’t stat pad it with an additional TD and miss an XP after and means you can still have two more scoring drives if you are 27-0 up rather than none. It encourages people to build long drives of 4ypc to take a FG at the end. Multiples of 7 just ask for people to focus on scoring a TD ASAP instead of switching their focus to clock management.

    It’s not random. It’s deliberately awkward to deter stat padding and encourage sensible play.

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