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Season 1 AGM

Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by dwevans, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. @VGFL Member

    Please post by the end of game week 1 if there are any specific rules you would suggest modifying/ammending to help the league progress. We will make any changes by the end of week 2 but for now the current rules remain. Please keep to them.

    Please bear in mind when suggesting rules that the philosophy of the league is to encourage realistic gameplay whilst avoiding exploits of CPU AI.

    Current Issues that will be discussed:

    1. 4th Down Rules - Extend to beyond own 45

    2. Goalline formation on Offence

    3. PA on 3rd Down

    Any further suggestions please outline below with a reasoned argument. If you want to make any rational points regarding any of the above please do so here rather than on Telegram.

    Thanks :D
  2. Going for it on 4th down to be allowed inside your own 40-50 yard line once in each half outside of normal 4th down rules to encourage aggressive play. Is sim currently in NFL and will be coach dependent (as in NFL).

    PA on 3rd down to be removed or altered in my preference, people can pass commit to counter defensive fakes (confirm this if true but assume this just ensures they don’t bite on the run?), this makes third and long more of a strategic battle as teams can still use draw.

    Fluid dev to be looked at in more detail as this is going to encourage over targeting and stat padding rather than sim play as nobody will want their players to drop dev, given players need to remain inside top X players to sustain dev traits.

    Some sort of deep dive around the likelihood of rookies to become top players (90+) as seems unlikely (I am sceptical).
  3. I'll just agree with @Fazak lol
  4. Reduce injury frequency a tad. Quite a few injuries happen and quite regularly as well. This doesn’t really happen in the NFL where 2 players a game go down injured for weeks.
  5. I think injuries are just a bit more severe. Wouldn’t mind if they were like 1 week or 2 week ones but they’re 4-8 weeks every time. I agree the actual frequency of injuries isn’t too high but the severity of them seems a lot higher to me.
  6. Do you have an idea how this could be managed?
    We had a previous discussion how to handle it better, but the result was that the game does it quite well and couldn't really find a better way. (except maybe OL)

    Keep in mind that development will be given to the top guys, not because of a statistical value. So that means if the top guys just have 1.000 receiving yards, then 950 is on the level of superstar.

    Do you have any evidence of injuries too high or is it just a subjective feeling?
    Based on my view we are still far away from the NFL injury level, most guys in the league don't have any guys on IR the whole season and have 1-2 injured guys at most. Some teams have bad luck with injuries, but that happens in the NFL too.
  7. If your going to adjust and allow 4th down, my opinion is that you shouldn’t be allowed to come out in GLine formation. If you run the ball with the FB, even if you play GL defence on pinch it consistently goes through, you can’t stop it, it’s hard enough to get a stop against the good players without them getting a free set of downs,
    My opinion is if your in your own half and your stopped you punt the ball on 4th
  8. 3&5+ Play Action rule:

    I believe a PA out of the shotgun should be allowed on 3rd and long. It is quite common IRL that they use simple play fakes out of the gun, not necessarily for the defense to think they are actually going to run, but simply to make the LBs freeze for a moment.
    Allowing the 3rd down PA would also open up more potential plays to run on 3rd down. A few PA plays that would make sense to run on 3rd downs include PA WR Screens, PA Crossers and PA Deep Outs. These, among others, are all logical play calls and might be called on 3&5+ situations IRL.

    Under center I'd prefer the rule to remain as is, although a PA draw would make perfect sense to allow IMO.
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  9. Trade Calc Addition

    Due to recent real life trades which were for the purpose of dumping cap, we have been taking about maybe being able to implement this into the trade calculator. We was thinking possibly adding a factor of how bad a teams cap space is, so some teams can trade a player who is using up a lot of cap space for a cheaper price just to keep them off the books. maybe add an option of Cap situation and could have brackets like “poor” “very poor” ect. We could have specific $ brackets to define “poor” ect which can take the value of a player down so a team can ship a player easier than the current calculation.

    Please discuss and let me know your thoughts!
  10. For sim purposes I absolutely agree.

    In the current situation there is already a cap space option in the calculator. While it currently has no impact on the player value (debatable if it should be), we have the option - if it's filled - to still accept a trade because of the cap situation.
    Let's say the trade is declined by the calculator because of the player value. But it's needed because of the cap situation, so you can argue in the trade proposal why it's done and why it's still a sim trade. So the committee can still accept the trade.

    We can discuss though if it should influence the player value or not.
  11. If it can be implemented with good results and success then I’m all aboard

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