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satelleite tv vs android box?

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by Lordofgames, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. my sky signal broke think dish damaged due to bad weather and they gonna charge 60 to come fix it. For same price i could buy an android box and load it with apps. I also have smart tv which has some apps.

    dont even watch much tv only had free channels.

    If get an android box is it possible to watch and flick through tv with whats on like on a sky box? with listings of live tv?


    etc....i think thats all i ever watch via my sky box anyway as i have no terrestrial Ariel.

    With android box then one could watch football and movies as well but what about the documentary channels like discover and history etc are there apps to watch these programs live?

    I had a bit of a bash of kodi on my pc and though i watched a couple of games sometimes take while to find good stream and navigate menus etc....thats a con compared to the ease of changing channel on sky. Its not like one can flick through the channels on an android box?

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  2. Yh Kodi isn't always easy to navigate...however for £30 one off price I can live with it and the vast content it has
  3. i got kodi for free. I just donwloaded it onto my pc and then u have to download apps and within the apps find the program u want then find one that works lol. I prefer just changing tv channels but obviously more content with apps i guess.
  4. You should be out practising your football
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  5. So did odb, he's talking about a device other than pc to run kodi.
  6. i know man to lazy! same when at school imagine i trained as a kid and was fit, with my genetic messi potential i woulda been a star. I dunno how these pros do it, even looking out the window is enough to make me go back to bed haha

    oh yeh lol 30 cheap though haha cheap box that one, but theres more to an andorid box than kodi or not? thats what most people use to watch apps on?
  7. Not sure I don't use a box or kodi I use Netflix and catch up TV apps on PS4
  8. yeh they got itv on ps4 yet? or just bbc,4,5?

    considering thats all i watch i might not even bother get android box at all tbh...just like as said flicking through channels and tv guide on sky box which u cant do with apps
  9. ITV still to be added I think all the others are available though.

    Flick through channels, play a little of a few games, can't finish films and football is a chore... Satisfying a woman (or a man you might be gay) must be hard work for you :p
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  10. yeh i just like to multi task, got adhd get bored to easy, haha now what will i do make another silly thread, browse tv channels, play some guitar, play fallout 4, get back into alan wake, or install another game? maybe ill do a bit off them all lol
  11. How about getting a job?
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  12. Are you Skoosh in disguise??

    Just get a firestick (£35 direct from Amazon), add firestarter and Kodi. Then install Apollo. Done

    Every TV at mine now has Chromecast and Firestick on (bar kitchen and bathroom which are chrome only)
  13. yeh working on a job :)

    amazon box better than stick cant remember why think wired connection get better stream
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  14. I have both. Honestly only difference I can see is Firestick stutters whilst playing something with menu up whereas fire TV doesn't. Everything else is the same
  15. and how often does one have menu up when watching tv?

    But if u want stream 1080p football etc i think wired must be better?
  16. If kodi is difficult to navigate for anyone just download the remote app. Adjust the settings to allow remotes to be used and boom it's simple.
  17. He is talking about navigating ala tv guide style as you would with freeview and sky seeing what's next per tv show.
  18. Ahhhh. I'll go back to sitting in the corner :laugh:
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  19. My Nook HD+ has just bit the dust, so was considering getting a firestick as a replacement Kodi device, then just saw this. Seems pretty decent for the price.

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