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Samsung Smartthings and Philips Hue Lighting

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by prison_inmate, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Splashed out on a Samsung Smartthings starter kit and a few white and one coloured hue bulbs and gen 2 bridge (that's most of my Xmas bonus gone).

    Set up a few sensors around the house to automatically turn lights on, no more fumbling in the dark. Kettle turns on every morning at 06:30, as does some of the lights. Ours and the kids light come on gently at 06:30 and gradually get to full brightness for 07:00, cool alarm clock (only on weekdays)

    Set up the proximity sensor and attached to my car keys, as soon as I leave the house all of the lights turn off in the morning, if I leave later in the evening only certain ones go off, for security.

    The colour Hue bulb is great, never took much interest in them before. Downloaded the cheap Hue Disco app, now our dining room is a fully fledged disco, with the light changing colours to the beat of the music being played...very smart indeed.

    Wife thinks I am a nerd but it's great, trouble is its going to be addictive and expensive adding something once a month (gonna get a Hue light strip soon and stick it to the back of the TV, they will change Colours based upon what's on the screen.)
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  2. One nice feature is the Apple HomeKit integration in the new Philips Gen 2 bridge, so you can tell Siri to turn on/dim/off the lights, even tell her to change the colour.

    I think the next thing I will purchase is a Harmony Home hub, as it links directly to the Smartthings hub, can then control the TV and other AV by voice.

    Also the IFTTT integration is cool too, loads of recipes can be created, some useful stuff and some fun stuff too (won't happen often but my bulb will flash yellow when NCFC scores, then blue when I get a tweet etc).

    Also with Tasker and the Autovoice plug in you can control it all by voice on your Android devices..."OK Google, watch Sky Sports 1", it will trigger a harmony routine that will turn on the TV, Sky box, AV and set it to the correct inputs.

    Good stuff and pretty simple, must be if I can do it.

    Oh and I got a Moto 360 gen 2 smartwatch for my birthday, fantastic device.
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  3. Expensive but I love them those Hue's.

    Before you get a lightstrip be warned there are 2 types. Newer ones are apparently considerably brighter than the old ones. I believe they are sold solo. Older ones you get a double pack as a starter kit however you'll get 2 of those for the price of 1 of the newer ones when there's a deal.

    Have older ones set up and they are bright enough tbh
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  4. Yeah, I am aware of the gen 1 and gen 2 bulbs, my colour one is a gen 1 that I got off AVF for £25.00. Got a link for any gen 1 light strip offers at the moment?

  5. Not seen any last week but Amazon has them all the time and the Phillips store itself keeps doing it. I bought some before Christmas so I have a spare set of coloured bulbs and strips that I have no idea what I'm doing with
  6. @ODB Wanna sell any of your spares?
    #6 prison_inmate, Mar 4, 2016
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  7. Fucking nerd!

    Sounds really cool actually. I especially like the idea of being able to program the lights to change colour when certain events occur.
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  8. sorry Mate, I'll be integrating them into the house somewhere, plenty of places for them to go, I just need to get the rooms done first
  9. I know....and my head is only half the size as yours!
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  10. Aye, and your shaft's only a quarter the size of mine.
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  11. Bought a Hue lightstrip plus earlier from Argos with the 20% off code, a Harmony home hub as it has now been reduced on Amazon.co.uk and an Amazon Echo off eBay.

    Full voice control nerd a thon in full swing.
  12. Got my Amazon Echo yesterday and now have it configured to turn on my TV, Mac, Xbox, Sky....whatever and change to the correct inputs and turn on the TV lightstrip to the correct colour (green for Xbox etc), pretty cool.

    Can turn all of the lights on and off by voice (and dim them) and can even turn the kettle on.

    Loving it.
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  13. All sounds great, until you have a power cut and your kids find you in the fetal position behind the sofa, unable to function without everything being automated or with voice command.
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  14. Yes, I'm fucked if the internet goes down!

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