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Discussion in 'Music Games' started by ODB, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Anyone thinking of getting this game? Have to import but well want it! £60 but then I need to buy a guitar and have no idea what type I need or how much
  2. Just me then :(
  3. this is set for release here september 2012 full details at the playstation blog:

    http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2012/03/ ... /#comments

    have never played a guitar but I was in a store last year and loved the atmosphere of people testing the guitars as I walked around the store.
  4. via: http://blog.eu.playstation.com/


    Hi, I’m Nao Higo and I’m the Lead Producer on the Rocksmith Team. It’s great to be back on the EU PlayStation Blog! Here at Ubisoft SF, the Rocksmith team has been working hard since our last post in March to complete the worldwide release of the game.

    We’re all excited to see Rocksmith finally hit the worldwide market and I know a lot of our overseas fans have been waiting a long time. Rest assured, the worldwide version releasing today is the definitive version of Rocksmith, incorporating all the improvements made since the original North American release.

    With Rocksmith, we wanted to provide players as much freedom as we could while also giving instruction and information on how to play the guitar for those who need the additional help. It’s a tricky thing to balance – holding people’s hands and guiding them along vs. giving them the freedom to do whatever they want.

    In the end we made some decisions about how certain modes like Riff Repeater works (which we erred on the side of handholding), but our players wanted the mode to be more flexible, giving them the freedom to practice how they want. Thanks to Facebook, our Forums, and Twitter, we got direct feedback from our fans, which we incorporated through our updates.

    he Rocksmith team goes over the Bass Features and Product Backlog​

    When we get feedback and feature requests like the changes to Riff Repeater, we put them in our tracking database, which ends up on our product backlog like in the picture you see below. Based on priority (including all the things our team wants to add as well!) and feasibility, we incorporate these feature requests into our development sprints, and we implement the new features as part of our title updates and expansions.

    Let’s take a look at some of the new features.

    Riff Repeater Set Mastery – Although we’ve found that Rocksmith’s dynamic difficulty system works very well for beginners, some intermediate and advanced guitar players have wanted a faster way to see more notes of each song. With the set mastery option, now players can choose the difficulty that they want to practice in Riff Repeater. After a player demonstrates their mastery over a difficulty setting successfully in the Leveler mode they’ll be able to play it at that level when they play the full song.

    Riff Repeater Set Speed – In addition to manual control over the difficulty level of phrases of songs, one of the most requested features was a way to control the speed of a phrase without relying on the automatic speed setting found in Accelerator mode. Players can slow the phrase in 1% increments all the way down to 25% of the actual speed. For learning tough solos with lots of notes, it’s an invaluable tool. Playing songs at a slower pace is one of the most traditional ways guitar players have refined their playing and we’re happy to implement it in Rocksmith. With this and the Set Mastery functionality, the Riff Repeater mode is a great place to master tricky songs.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Overall Game Optimisation – Aside from specific features, we’ve also introduced a host of improvements to the game as a whole. We’ve revamped the in-game DLC store to make it easier to navigate, made it easier to browse your existing song library, improved the menu flow, shortened load times, and further improved the note detection algorithm.

    Full-fledged Bass Support – Last, but certainly not least, we’ve included the entire Bass Expansion DLC with the worldwide release of Rocksmith. Bass is an integral part of rock music and our game wouldn’t be complete without it. Rocksmith now features a comprehensive Bass journey with Bass arrangements for all songs that feature a bass (including past and future DLC), specific bass technique challenges, instructional videos for bass playing, and Guitarcade support as well. We’ve even added the ability for guitar players to play our bass content through bass emulation so they don’t need to go and buy a new instrument. With Rocksmith, you’ll be slappin da bass in no time!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As we’ve developed Rocksmith, our team’s mantra and vision was to make something that would revolutionise the way people play and learn guitar by making it more accessible, engaging, and fun. Since Rocksmith’s release a year ago in North America, I’ve been able to actually see it in the hands of people and see them improving and learning how to play entire songs using just the game. There’s no better feeling than knowing that I’ve worked on a game that has really made a difference in people’s lives and has succeeded as a way for people to learn.

    With these newest additions, we think Rocksmith has become a more complete package for learning guitar and now also bass. We’re also regularly supporting the game with new songs offered as DLC. There are some seriously exciting artists coming out on the horizon so keep checking back to our Facebook page to keep up with the latest releases.
  5. if I can get this for £100 with guitar I'm in
  6. Sounds like you're having a mid life crisis ODB ;)
  7. This looks like something I would buy and play once then put in the corner with DJ Hero :lol:
  8. lol..probs!

    Always wanted to learn guitar, I figure games have to useful for more than just killing people!
  9. Would that be a bad sign if the price drops so soon? or was it just overpriced to begin with?

    I like the look of it but agree that it could end up in the cupboard gathering dust.
  10. well the game wont drop much but the bundle may as its a bit of a junior size guitar apparently, most would want an adult size really. Plus its supposed to be a bit of a crap guitar for most
  11. Are the people that say that guitar players anyway? Would it be OK for a total novice?
  12. same thing I asked, I've always wanted to learn but was told I'd be better off with something far better that I could get on ebay cheap anyway. If this will 100% teach me then I'll buy but seen mixed reviews inc a fucking atrocious one on the Official PS Blog (4/10)
  13. Hello all,

    The guitar that comes with Rocksmith is the Epiphone Les Paul Junior, it is a full size guitar the junior refers to the model type. If it is the same guitar (I think it probably is) then there are reviews here http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/ ... index.html. The problem with most guitars (expensive ones as well) is that they are often set up badly in the factory and this has an effect on how easy they are to play/learn on.
    The main problem with them is the action (string height) if it is set too high then it is hard to push down the strings and doesn't stay in tune easily, if it is too low the strings buzz against the frets and it doesn't sound very good. It really comes down to luck if it has been set up ok (I bought a different model Epiphone Les Paul and it was set up almost perfectly).

    If you do get the game, and want to learn more about playing the guitar then I recommend http://www.justinguitar.com/ he has video lessons on lots of techniques plus videos of songs http://www.justinguitar.com/en/ST-000-SongsTAB.php

    I am actually thinking of getting this game myself just for the custom amps and pedals it has.

    Hope this helps
  14. Ordered this today. I'm hoping to brush up my mediocre guitar skills whilst having fun. £27 off Amazon was the best deal I could find.
  15. Hope you enjoy it. I own both of the games, not sure how good they are as teaching tools but they are fun to play along to.
  16. Cheers Runcorn. As a owner of both games, do you know if songs from Rocksmith can be imported to 2014? And is the DLC compatible with both games?
  17. Yep the songs can be imported from Rocksmith into 2014 if you have a save file from the first game. You have to pay for the import tool from the in game store, I am not sure how much it is on PSN as I own the games on Steam where it is £7.99.

    As for the DLC I think it is compatible but I don't know for sure.

    Did you get the Original or 2014 Rocksmith?

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