RIP Rik Mayall


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Grew up watching all the truly great classic comedies and Mayall was in some of the best. Though Bottom was my fav I first remember him as Alan B'stard

If you haven't seen it you really need to watch 'Man Down' with that lanky teacher guy from Inbetweeners. Rik Mayall plays his nutter dad and is BRILLIANT!

RIP Rik Mayall


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Young ones, bottom, the comic strip presents and blackadder for me. Bottom tv and live shows where my faves quotes would get used by schoolmates in the classroom when I was younger.

Cattle prod anyone?

Rip Rik


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Gutted at this news I grew up with the Young Ones, Bottom etc, saw Bottom live very very funny, I can't believe he was only 56 I always assumed he was a lot older than me but only 11 years!! Never really saw him as Alan B'stard but I hope they re run it as I will gladly watch it, him an Ade were Fantatsic together, re run the dangerous brothers lol


Just watching the BBC tribute to Rik Mayall on the iPlayer. A very funny guy.