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Riddler_Tam - Share Factory Archive

Discussion in 'Gameplay Video Archive' started by Riddler_Tam, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. That reminds me that you're still a dick for not picking up the game :rolleyes::p
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  2. 1 lancehorn, 2 lancehorn, 3 lancehorn.. That's 3 lancehorns...

  3. Wolverine doesn't look left or right crossing the road...

  4. Gran Turismo - Tokyo Expressway East Inner Loop, opening lap race against AI

  5. Taking a corner far to fast on Nurburgring 24h went for a little spin.. Into a wall :rolleyes:

  6. Just for @Hutchydarts similar car to the old scrap heap built up in fast and furious, in his favourite colour... Orange....

    Looking at details, your car is shit btw my subaru would beat you in a race :Double finger:
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  7. @brunty was being a smart arse closing doors on my face, so I welded one closed on him...

    Fun at the fair with the chair swing and zeds...

  8. Toppled my car on the second lap of lago maggiore centre II:eek:

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  9. Played some killing floor with @brunty @Hutchydarts and @MilkyMalky

    Closing doors on each other is so childish:rolleyes:

    Farmhouse has a sweet lock spot in an upstairs bedroom.. Even better when hutchy locks out brunty and leaves him to fend for himself.. Shame his mic wasn't on to hear him scream like a girl the whole time :rofl:

    Farmhouse again this time milky joined the zed killing action, both him and hutchy got locked for a full wave inside the bedroom.. I got left with brunty for back up, he died I finished the wave.. He spawns in the room with the other two.. Fuckers...

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  10. Brunty mum came round with a McDonald's.. Asked us to look after him for 2 seconds :rolleyes:

    Got locked in a corridor.. And got payback on hutchy :mad:

    Brunty rages and screams like a little bitch

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  11. Musical interlude while gearing up

    Final boss kill for the platinum

    Brunty raging at a change of music, loss of money and a gets knocked the side by a chair swing

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  12. Challenge to do 8 barrel rolls.. Struggled to do one car was shit, eventually got a double roll

    Bit of road rage both wins from me and hutchy

    @Hutchydarts thinking he'd struggle with drifting.. Couldn't even find the fountain :rolleyes: he struggled with this on PS3 but has improved slightly on PS4

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  13. Couldn't have had all that long to unlock the 50 mile bike trophy..

    Took out hutchy twice while doing a dead man's edge challenge...

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  14. Did a midnight run for my bike licence with no crashes and a leap of faith in between

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  15. Chip in eagle on everybody's golf, it was mega cups not normal but fuck it eagle is an eagle

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  16. Birdie shot on normal cups nice little chip in

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