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Review - Motorstorm Apocalypse (PS3)

Discussion in 'Gaming Reviews' started by T_Riddler_, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Gangs of racers descend upon The City for the motorstorm festival what will make the event all the more special is different natural disasters that are tearing through the city forcing locals to leave their homes and flee for safety. does this stop the racers celebrating and racing in the festival.. Hell no bring on the Apocalypse.

    Gameplay (Single Player):

    There is a number of elements to the single player:

    Story Mode (festival):

    This follows 3 characters in the motorstorm world each of the characters represent difficulty levels in the story mash (rookie), tyler (pro) and big dog (veteran). Each character has a start/finish run for their story and in between they have 8-13 races each in order to progress their story.

    Also in the story mode there is 150 collectable cards scattered throughout the tracks they can be found in plain sight or might not be accessible until you trigger a event to give you leverage to reach it.

    Wreckreation (Single Player):

    Special events:

    Hardcore festival: race in 33 events with harder ai than you get from the story mode.

    Time Attack: pick a vehicle and a track and race to get your best lap time there is 35 to complete.

    Game Update:

    The above for single player from initial release was pretty lame there was praise for the story mode but it was to short and the game was more focused for multiplayer.

    fast-forward 4 or 5 months there has been a hefty update and the following has been added:

    Weekly challenges: every 7 days a challenge is released in the game showing as rookie/pro/veteran classes. these can be time trials, races, chase and eliminations your reward for finishing these is chips which can help towards exp (more on that later).

    Downloaded events: 7 download events in total each being released on the psn store free of charge. Each download holds 6 events again ranging from chase, race and eliminations.

    track: Upper Bohemia - Welcome To The Neighbourhood​

    Gameplay (Multiplayer):

    Quick Race: off-line split screen race for up to 4 players add in ai to mix up the experience you can choose vehicles, tracks, number of laps and mode (race, chase, elimination).

    Multiplayer On-line: race up to 15 players on-line fight the elements for that all important first place.

    There is 10 areas available to race with 35 tracks in total. The tracks are split to before/after the natural disasters and timed events are dotted around the tracks to throw you off your game when racing.

    You won’t go short on vehicles there is 13 classes with the following:

    Dirt bike, atv, buggy, rally car, racing truck, mudplugger,big rig, monster truck, super bike, chopper, supermini, super car and muscle car. These can all be customised with your own paint detail and can either have a clean or scratched used look as well.

    Each class has 3 different styles the first style is open when you start the game. To open the others you have to play on-line the more you beat racers, wreck racers, travel distance, drift this tallies as a rank towards that class top up two of those (for the first class) and you open a new one.

    There is perks that can be sorted to help your performance on-line these range from increased grip, improved acceleration, take more damage before wrecking and taking longer to reach critical boost to name a few.

    There is 33 characters to choose from again not all of them are open to begin with the more milestones you hit when you level up the more you open. There is also player icons available to make you a bit more unique when waiting to race and you can add a clan tag as well.

    The timed events when racing can range from earthquakes, typhoons, torrential rain and high winds there is also guns and rockets being fired at you either from the army trying to clear the city or the public who have chose to stay behind and try and run/loot the city.

    Coming back to levelling up earlier in the review this is done by playing races. whenever you complete a race you will given a set amount of chips (exp) this ranges from:

    where you finish in the leaderboard, number of wrecked opponents, amount of drift, distance travelled.

    There is also medals and accolades that you gather from extended playtime wins, races finished, races finished with a certain vehicle, races finished per track etc.

    The other way to make your chips is by betting against a opponent you think that you could beat in the race. While you wait in the lobby you get a option of choosing a racer beat them and you can cash in your winnings or double your money in the next race. Lose the bet.. It doesn’t matter the chips are given to sweeten play and have no effect on your overall chip total.

    Game Update:

    The single player wasn’t the only thing to benefit from the update the developers added two new tracks based in a area called The Rock set on beaches with some wicked jumps make for a tight race.

    they also added a mode editor which you can custom create games to play on-line with friends. Take your normal elimination match add auto acceleration and no brakes or why not really screw your mates by swapping steering controls for each custom game you create let the mayhem begin.

    Track: Boardwalk - Pier Pressure​


    Graphics are detailed when driving around the tracks from city terrain to sandy beaches with the added element of natural disasters crashing around you the detail with how it mixes in the gameplay is something great to watch I have had some holysh*t moments when playing the game.

    Track: Skyline - Aces High​


    With a mix of a rock/indie/pop soundtrack while making your way around the track goes well with the crashing of buildings, cracks appearing in roads from earthquakes… and monster trucks driving from behind over your dirt bike.

    I have played this with both tv and headset and although it doesn’t benefit any gameplay wise the headset works really well and split’s the different sounds with the race in hand very well.

    Personal Verdict:
    I put in about 50+ hours of gameplay for the platinum and it is a very good racing title the different tracks and events that hit them and the range of vehicles mean you can mix it up each time you play.

    It isn’t to say that it doesn’t have faults there has been reports of lobby issues when playing on-line being kicked from it or not linking to the server correctly. I think I had only 2 or 3 issues in my time of playing and one of those was when the host left the game and the on-line backed out to the main menu.

    The handling of the vehicles take time to adjust to they aren’t as tight as other titles I have played but with some practice can be picked up after a few races.

    I did have issue with the single player being to short (mainly since I finished it when psn was down and couldn’t play on-line after) but that has since been sorted with the update.

    Although there is minor faults these can’t take away the fact that it is a excellent racing game and if you see it at a decent price it is a thumbs up for me for you to buy it.

    Final score:


    Trailer For The Track Skyline

    Note: The three screenshots shown in the above review are from actual gameplay footage while I play the game and are scaled down from their original 1920x1080 format.
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  2. Another great review tam, good work mate.
  3. thanks mate. extra thanks is also for your layout you made for my review on infamous 2 gave me a template to work on for motorstorm and will be using it in future reviews for the forum as well :thumbsup:
  4. Epic work mate - good job! A solid and informative review.

    Still feel you should have dropped a tactical "loo loo loo" in the middle to see if people were reading it all! :D
  5. Fantastic stuff Tam, you should take this up permanently!

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