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Review - InFamous 2 (PS3)

Discussion in 'Gaming Reviews' started by T_Riddler_, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Following the events just after the end of the first game we find Cole MacGrath facing the beast in a teaser fight while trying to leave empire city. Cole finds he is no match for the beast weakened he flees to the city new marais where he hopes to find a way to strengthen his powers and defeat the beast once and for all.

    Infamous 2 is a sandbox style video game set in the fictional city of new marais you play as the character Cole MacGrath and you take on a combination of platforming, shooting (powers), role-playing and puzzles.

    There is two karma paths in the game good and evil whichever one you decide to use will set up how the story is going to develop in the game. Each karma option has their own powers that can help/destroy your enemy and the people of new marais.

    The powers that are available have a set style but react different to each karma you use here is a few examples of powers:

    The amp: a lightsaber style weapon used for melee attack.


    kinetic pulse: used to blow enemies off their feet or to clear cars or world objects blocking Coles path.

    Bolts: Cole can fire bolts of electricity from his hands to either hurt the enemy or power items/areas around new marais.


    Static thrusters: are used to glide from rooftop to rooftop and can make for travelling distances a lot easier than on foot.

    The above are the core powers that you will have available but there is many still to open and along with the above they can all be upgraded.

    As well as the main story there is side missions dotted around the map which help towards gathering exp to upgrade your powers. There is also good/evil side missions that centre around whichever karma you decide on while playing the game.

    New to infamous 2 is the option of ugc missions (user generated content) these missions vary from plat forming, parkour style events, surviving waves of enemies etc.

    These are available from sucker punch and being created from players all over the world there is a lot of choice to pick from to suit your style of gameplay you enjoy from the infamous world.

    The graphics in the game are a lot more colourful and vibrant than the first game they look a lot more polished when travelling the areas of new marais and they don’t feel as gritty and dark compared to the first title.

    The character models between the cast of the game are represented very well and it felt sometimes I was watching a cgi film and not actually playing a game.

    While playing the game in either good/evil karma coles appearance changes in skin texture, clothing and the lightning he produces as his powers.

    There is different music scores for different scenarios that can add to the moment when playing the game. Voice acting from the characters are good I feel it makes you care more if you can put a voice to the character (sounds silly I know) and adds something to the game your playing instead of reading text.

    I had a gripe with the voice acting of macgrath since the first games voice actor was replaced for the sequel. It isn’t until I got more involved with the game and listened to the change in tone with the new voice actor that you realise that the previous gruff macgrath just wouldn’t have worked.

    I started using my gaming headset near the end of my platinum run for the first game but used it from start to finish with the second game. It works very well small things in the environment like people passing by and talking to big fight scenes with massive explosions all sound excellent.

    Personal Verdict
    I put in about 30-40+ hours of game time with infamous 2 and loved every minute of it. The fact that the game controls and gameplay mechanics have changed very little from the first game is no bad thing so anyone that enjoyed infamous will feel right at home with the sequel.

    I enjoyed the progression of the story and characters from the first game and the fact that good/evil karma gives different angles to the story opens you to doing a second run without worry of it getting repetitive.

    There is dlc out in the next few months and after my experience with infamous 2 I look forward to see how sucker punch add the twist to cole and new marais with the addition of vampires.


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