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Review Guidelines

Discussion in 'Gaming Reviews' started by MilkyMalky, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, below I’m just going to detail some guidelines for the reviews we’ll put on the forum. Now this isn’t going to be a list of do’s or don’ts as I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s personal style and would want everyone to feel they could contribute with their own take on a review.

    This is more about standardising a few of the basic things so that even reviews done by different authors have the same holistic feel even if the content differs greatly.

    Just put them in really, no rules about how many or how big paragraphs can be, just where there is a natural pause, lop one in as it will make the review flow better.

    Ideally I’d want all reviews to have a couple of images to put throughout the review, again this helps break up the flow of text and adds more weight to what you are talking about. Any image around the game is fine, but I find it best to maybe stick an image of something you’ve been talking about, be that visuals, or a particular moment or character. We would also need a title image of the game to include at the start.

    Wordpress allows us to put captions against images. Please can you provide simple one liners to go with your images. They can range from simply being descriptive to being witty - the choice is yours.

    This is naturally subjective to the author, but if we can keep the things we are scoring and the method consistent then we wont go far wrong. So for consistency, you will be marking the game on the following:

    • Visuals
    • Sounds
    • Gameplay
    • Longevity
    • Fun

    All of these marks will be out of 10. You can go to half marks (e.g 7.5/10) if you want to as well. You must then give an overall score also out of 10. This does not have to be the average of the above, but should be your own overall score.

    Now scoring a game will depend on the author and their experiences of the game. But to help with selecting a score, please use the below as a reference point (moving forward each game will also receive the appropriate statement after the score)

    1. The ultimate anti-recommendation
    2. Avoid this game at all costs
    3. A very poor experience throughout
    4. A poor game, that offers little enjoyment
    5. An average game that disappoints in many areas
    6. An above average game, but nothing special
    7. A few flaws, but an enjoyable experience
    8. A very good game, that most will enjoy
    9. A fantastic game, a must for your collection
    10. A ground-breaking game, that raises the bar for the genre

    And thats it! Hopefully not too much waffle, and I hope people thinking of pulling together some reviews for us will find the above useful.

    Obviously if anyone has any additional suggestions then feel free to comment below with your ideas. Whatever we decide, I will update this top post so people can always use it as a reference material.

    Happy writing guys! :D
  2. Nice one milky, ive made this a stickie aswell
  3. Mine's ready for LA Noire ;)
  4. Nice one Milky. This should make it much easier! :thumbsup:
  5. Cheers guys, I'm also looking to go back into the game reviews we currently have already and apply these things in as well, so I'll look to contact the relevant authors to get their feedback. That way all the reviews will be consistent. :)
  6. Hi guys,

    Pulled together an template for scoring at the bottom of reviews, that I have implemented to the Dragon's Dogma review on the blog section.

    If people could go and have a gander and let me know what they think. Personally I think the current template works better with whole number scoring rather than allowing half marks, but be good to know what you guys think.

    All feedback is greatly received whilst I try and get this off the ground.
  7. I score this Review of Review Guidlines


    LOL :thumb:

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