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Review - Costume Quest (PSN & XBOX LIVE)

Discussion in 'Gaming Reviews' started by T_Riddler_, Oct 21, 2011.

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    The story follows twins reynold and wren and takes place on halloween. They are new to their neighbourhood and their mother suggests they use their trick or treating to make new friends around the neighbourhood.

    Before you go outside you choose the task of picking either the brother or sister as your main character they both dress in their costumes. the main character dresses as a robot and the other dresses as a piece of candy the main character takes a dislike to this as they believe the outfit will stop them from getting candy.

    The first area is a small neighbourhood for you to explore with rows of houses to trick or treat and gardens, a park and side streets to explore.


    the game is a mix of adventure and role playing gameplay. as you venture to the first house you find that your siblings costume is indeed stopping you from getting candy. onto the second house and a monster answers the door he is a worker sent out to steal the halloween candy for his evil boss big bones.

    At this point the monster mistakes your sibling for a piece of candy and kidnaps them this is where your adventure begins to stop the monsters from stealing the candy and saving your sibling before heading home to your parents.

    after this happens you are given your first fight sequence where your character turns into a giant robot which can fight the monsters (think 90's power rangers with megazord).


    you are put into a turn based fight sequence you press square to activate a basic attack this can then be followed by a press of another button or a turn of the control stick which can either strengthen/weaken the finished attack. the enemy will then attack you a button will show on-screen and if hit correctly will deliver less/ damage with a block or more damage if missed.

    after two rounds you are given a special power to activate the power you press triangle these can vary from attacks, defending team mates or healing.

    once you defeat your first opponent you are then led to do a mini quest there is about 3-5 per area and consist of different things bobbing for apples, hide and seek or area based to progress to different parts of the map.

    after the mini quest you meet up with another trick or treater who joins you on your quest to stop big bones and find your sibling.

    There is three areas to explore in order to venture to the next area you need to visit each house to trick or treat.

    You get one of two options :

    1. A monster raiding the house for candy answers the door this activates a fight sequence between the player and monster.

    2. A friendly neighbour answers the door and your are given candy which you can use as currency to buy power ups at a local stall situated around the different areas.

    once you go to all the doors in a area you can then gain access to the monsters door which holds a boss that will let you progress to the next area.

    There is a level system available so the more fights you do the better xp/hp your character will have while playing the game.
    There is also a number of different costumes to open while you play the game they vary with different functions as you travel around the areas.

    They also have different basic and special attacks for you to use in your fights with the monsters/bosses. costumes are opened either by doing mini events per area or finding parts of costumes hidden around areas. they can vary from a robot, knight, spaceman, box of french fries to name a few.

    Through your game progress you will encounter different levels of monsters to fight and have up to three characters to help you in the story mode.


    Personal Verdict:

    I have played the developers other title stacking so when I seen that this was available on psn+ I couldn't wait to try it.

    There is a quirky charm to the gameplay, graphics and story it is one of those titles you put on for a quick play only to find the time has flew past.

    I think there is about 6-8 hours of gameplay and for a download title is good value for money.

    Final Score:


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  2. nice one tam, good to have a review on a psn game
  3. awesome review mate cause I've been tempted by this a few times on XBL. I'll wait until the next sale its in and I'll defo buy this time
  4. I've got this sitting on my console waiting to be played Tam and you've just sparked the interest to play it. Cheers mate ;)

  5. Did you get access to my account BTW? If so can I get this from yours? :thumb:
  6. Can't remember now, I think so :?

    You can but it was a PSN + freebie so not sure it would work, give it a try if you want the details are still the same :thumb up:
  7. reduced from 1200 to 600 points on XBL so bought this last night after trying the demo. Seems fun
  8. Played an hour or so of this last night, it's a great game very humorous

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