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Review - Burnout: Crash (PSN & XBOX LIVE)

Discussion in 'Gaming Reviews' started by T_Riddler_, Oct 5, 2011.

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    The game offers three game modes set in 6 different locations with 18 junctions to play in total. The camera is a top down view similar in style to the first gta game. There is 4 or 5 stars to be won at each junction you win these based on high scores, special events and hitting required vehicles.

    Each game mode follows the same style of gameplay you start at the bottom of a street press x on the controller to start the car. The car accelerates on it’s own and you use the control stick to guide it to a junction where traffic drives in from different directions the first car you hit sets you off to play the level.

    You have a meter at the bottom left of the screen called a crashbreaker which you have to fill in order to explode your vehicle and move it around the roads to hit traffic. The meter can be filled in a number of different ways hitting traffic, creating blasts or chains of blasts with your vehicle, blowing up buildings or special vehicles dotted around the streets.


    The game modes available have specific rules which you have to follow in order to clear junctions these are as follows:

    Road Trip: There is 3-5 mini stages in a road trip each stage is shown as a meter at the top right of the screen at the end of each stage a event will trigger which can help/hinder your chances to get a high score. These range from police blockades, sink holes in the ground, a powerful magnet to attract vehicles to explode, police cars trying to take you down.

    At the end of the level you will get a special event which wipes out anything on-screen and gives you a bonus score for clearing up these range from tidal waves, tornadoes and a flying ufo.

    You are given 5 lives these work that if a car gets from one side of the road to the next you lose a life lose all 5 and it is game over. You need to explode your vehicle to take out traffic the more traffic you explode the less chance cars have of leaving the screen.

    You can get an ambulance arriving on-screen which can give you back a life but the road has to be clear of debris in order for it to make to the other side.


    Pile Up: This mode also has a meter which works as a 5x multiplier system do not let any traffic past until the end of the game and you will be able to cause destruction at the end of the level. If you lose traffic you drop points from the multiplier meaning less score at the end of the game.

    There is a set number of traffic vehicles you have to explode before you can reach inferno. When you do complete a level you will be given a set amount of time to cause destruction if this runs out it is game over.

    Rush Hour: This game mode offers you 90 seconds on a junction to let you do as much damage as you can in order to hit those exploding combos and reach some high scores. No lives to lose and no gimmicks stopping play.

    As with criterion games hot pursuit title last year the autolog is available to show your friends high scores in order to compete to be top of the table. It offers a autolog recommends where you can challenge friends with a junction and score to see if they can beat it.

    You do the challenge and then send the request the next time your friend plays the game it will notify that you have left a challenge and let them try to beat your score.

    Graphics and Sound:

    Graphics are cartoon retro style, bright and colourful the different explosions of buildings, vehicles going off as you try to get in with a high score and the special events are nice in detail.

    With sound there is a kooky radio show feel going on similar to what you got from gta on the psone. As you are progressing the different events are broadcast with some comical style and some of the events have old chart songs linked to them which I thought was a nice touch (ice cream truck with vanilla ice – ice ice baby).


    Personal Verdict:

    Although I have enjoyed the game it does have its faults which makes me recommend a trial before you buy.

    The lack of control you have over your vehicle for game modes road trip and pile up can frustrate gameplay to a point of wanting to switch off. You can’t always be in two places at once trying to stop traffic and if a vehicle is out of reach then there is no means of stopping it since your meter hasn’t filled up correctly or the explosion just doesn’t carry you enough to stop it.

    There is some strategy to the gameplay but this can only be found by playing the same junction until you get a bit of luck where you hit vehicles and block roads. Events to boost scores mean nothing when you are to busy trying to stop traffic leaving the streets in order to lengthen your level of play.

    The saving grace for this game is rush hour and where the fun was to be had I found myself trying to get a star on road trip in order to progress into the mode.

    The idea for a download title is a good one but is let down by some silly controls that stop it being a one more game title.

    Final Score:


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