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Request for a review of settings

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Bartell, May 23, 2018.

  1. Hi

    I'd like to take a few minutes to discuss something that I have noticed that I believe is wrong in terms of a setting and as a league I feel a stance must be taken to correct this.

    Firstly this is from my observations and my opinion. I'm sure many people will tell me I'm wrong on this, as per the standard practice, however I'd really appreciate thoughts and constructive comments

    Over the passed seasons I have notice a lot if not all users will have dynamic drive goal information displayed during their game. I believe this is set to on as default. For example it may advise that a WR will get more XP completing his X career catch, catch of the season etc. There are multiple variants of these some examples are "Turn up the heat: run two blitzes" and "Gain Rhythm: Get first down" (sometimes its multiple first downs) each awarding the team or individual players additional XP depending on the drive goal.

    Im not sure if people will care to "confess" to focusing on these drive goals or not however I think the setting should be turned off. At no point IRL would a coach be encouraged to play a certain way to gain additional XP. In our league gaining additional XP by chasing these goals is padding XP and surely on the same level as stat padding

    Turning the setting off should hold no bearing on how any one of us approach or play a game. The benefit of turning this off is that I'm sure there are individuals "better" at completing the dynamic drive goals and taking the additional XP

    I have checked over the rules and see no official stance on this at present


    @dwevans @brunty @Eaglewolfenstein @deanomcfee91 @Crispytones81(CB07B11M13)

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  2. Also yes if this change is introduced and people are found to still have the setting on then action would be taken by commissioners to punish offenders

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