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PS Vita

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by Xorro, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Do you have one, what do you think to it?

    I've been wondering about getting ones for years and I have a stack of free Vita games from PS+.

    Is it 'usable' compared to the DS controller, does remote play (local and remote) actually work?
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  2. I like mine use it all the time when travelling. I find the controllers thumbsticks etc are fine.
    Theres loads of great wee games to play and many are perfect for the handheld vs PS4 such as hotline miami.
    Remote play ive used like once but it worked really well.

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  3. I'm now a Vita owner :D Any game recommendations?
  4. Heard good things about first party games Uncharted and killzone.

    I'd recommend (from playing on PS4) Volume, stealth based indie title similar to metal gear solid, I have the platinum and enjoyed it would be neat to play on the vita.
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  5. Second that I got the plat for volume on the vita.

    Persona 4 Golden is a belter just make aure u have a spare 200 hours

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  6. Tearaway is very good as is Persona 4 (I had a spare 200 hours).

    btw Tearaway unfolded (PS4 version) is supposed to be March PS+.
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  7. I've had the Vita for a month now and have been playing it regularly, Killzone Mercenary looks amazing and shows what the Vita is capable off, which makes me wonder why Sony have stopped making big-name games for it.

    It's a great bit of kit which was probably let down by the RRP compared to the Nintendo DS.
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  8. It still has a big following and those that support it say the same why Sony dropped first party developing is a head scratcher.

    One question that is always asked for most new titles on the blog that could run on vita, is will it be released on vita and even third party say they'll see what they can do but ps4 is the main target.
  9. Yeah it is bizarre @Riddler_Tam
    I was in another forum thread about the Switch and someone said "the vita is dead" to which my response was "I bet it gets more releases this year than the Switch does".

    It seems strange to me that Sony is the one busy knocking nails in the coffin whereas other developers are busy pushing them back out.

    The problem as I see it is Sony spent millions making a few outstanding AAA experiences (Killzone, Uncharted etc...) and then complaining that they didn't make their money back so .... the platform is dead to them.
    What they really should have been doing is making lots of smaller games such as more games like Tearaway. I'm sure with the amount they spent they could have churned out loads more smaller games.
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  10. The embrace they did with indie and PS4 should have been channelled to the vita also, this would have offered variety in games being released.

    It isn't a dead in the water hardware, it could flourish as it has a lot of love, but I think Sony is known for this with other products they have had over the years as well, hopefully a tide change with their VR module
  11. Still gets a lot of love in Japan though

    It's like they just decided the west wasn't worth it so let's focus it totally back home

    Loved the Vita, hated the lack of games. Bar UC and Killzone I mostly played PSP games on it

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