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Possible to overload a plug socket?

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by Lordofgames, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. I have this 10 surge protector in a double socket slot


    In the other socket i have another extension that only has internet modem in it.

    In my surge I have:

    2x speakers/woofer (1 set for tv 1 set for pc)
    External Hard drive
    Desktop PC
    Xbox 360
    HDMI switcher
    USB hub.
    Occasionally swap in my driving wheel

    A few weeks ago my usb hub started smoking and all the things in it got damaged, 360 for windows pad, usb stick, wireless desktop adapter etc...

    I bought a new USB hub, not sure if any of this is related to overload, or if its overloaded at all?

    Any electrical guys got a clue on this?
  2. Or you could spend a minute yourself and scan the internet...

    Common sense really. Sticking a hub onto an extension lead... what do you expect? You're lucky you didn't cause a fire ya tool.
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  3. are you for real? whats wrong with putting a usb hub into a surge protected extension. Its in the extenstion againn

    There is no way i can give it a dedicated wall socket..Around my computer and PC area I have at most 3 sockets...

    I have now bought a second surge extension so will share the load between them 5 in each one rather than 10 in 1. The hub will still go into the extension. I dont think the USB hub uses much power anyway so whats the issue?
  4. Yeah, real alright. I'd also check the ratings of leads and devices before putting loads onto one socket too. But hey, your call. Be a cheapskate and don't get more sockets installed and cross your fingers eh.

    Try googling "overloading sockets" pal and see the advice, particularly from a fire perspective.
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  5. my mates a sparky i just asked him he said it should be cool none of those things use much power..

    Anyway ive halved the load so that will help.

    Why were u so specific about the usb hub though i was asking? So u think its ok for tv, ps4, xbox all to be in extension but not usb hub how so?
  6. so if my extension is 13amp, that means i cant go over that? so if i got 3amp plugs with ps4, xbox etc i need to add them all up and make sure they dont exceed the extensions amp rating?
  7. You have a friend who is a sparky and you would rather risk a house fire then put more sockets in your home.
    Absolutely mental.
    You have a friend who is a sparky and you thought this was your first point of call to ask about electrics rather then ask him.
    Absolutely fucking mental.
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  8. Says the Inbred Supervisor............absolutely fucking mental!!!
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  9. Swap the PS4 with a PS4 Pro and watch the lights go out.
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  10. I would say put as much as you can into them.

    Natural Selection at it's best.
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  11. My freind was at work i made thread in meantime, no harm really.

    And it takes 13amp/3000w in a socket.

    Things like ps4, tv are only using like 200w and 0.5amp etc, so nowhere near overloading even with 10 of them in one socket...
  12. Yes it would overload, how about just don't be stupid overloading a socket, if it looks wrong it will be, all those hot plugs and cables your asking for trouble. Get your mate to fit more sockets, simple.
  13. well

    1. it hasnt overloaded
    2. It doesnt exceed overload limits

    I have more sockets but my room is small they are on other walls...I have sorted it anyway i have move half the stuff to one other walls socket. He fit sockets before....It would be cool.

    Its things like washing machines that cant be combined as they use far to much power....Relatively speaking unknown to me your basic electrical home entertainment things dont use much power at all
  14. "A few weeks ago my usb hub started smoking and all the things in it got damaged"
    Sounds like it cleared overloaded you donut, just stop being thick and use some fucking common sense.
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  15. well considering i had 8 thigns in the adapter and only the usb hub went one would actually hypothesis that the problem was with the usb hub, reading reviews on amazon, others had similar problems, so result was shoddy cheap quality of usb hub and not an overload of the system...

    NO need for the abuse, especially when its not even well founded
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  16. I know I did mate, it woulnt be an issue, only things that really load heavy are motorised things like lawnmowers or things like Fridges etc.

    Things like tvs and computers don't consume much power
  17. Power consumption is a different story, as although a kettle is demanding on power and amperage over the year i doubt it will use as much as a pc or tv due to time on etc.
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  18. yeh but as you say a plug socket can only take so much current/voltage at once before it overloads.

    Things like PC, monitor etc take hardly any current.

    I got my wordings wrong.

    A kettle in one boil for a cup of tea can use as much power as a pc on for a few hrs.

    Using a kettle 10 times a day would cost more electricity than running your pc all day long..

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